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April 11, 2012

Gino is eating like a Pig and Rudi is not amused

From the

Diary as of 2/17 – 2/25/2012

2/17   I cannot say it enough – Micky and Gino are our sweeties. While Micky is a true joy despite her terminator qualities ( trying to bring everything down, digging up my planting pots, throwing my pictures from the wall etc.) Gino is becoming a true sweetie as well. Each time one of us passes his box he squeaks as if he is happy to see us. His voice is very sweet. He has started to become very excited when he realizes it is feeding time. And how he eats!!!! Incredible!!!

Look at this little chap – ain’t he sweet????

2/19  Today is weighing day again and calcium and vitamin day for everyone.

Micky is on 324 gr (she’s lost a little bit), Emily on 333 gr (her usual weight) and little Gino on 253 gr! who increased his weight further.

2/21  Gino is another case: he is eating like a PIG – not a piggie but a fat old PIG! My partner says that we could push a horse into his mouth – he would eat it including the horseshoes. I have never seen a pijjie small as he is eat like that and poop like that. In the morning his box is full of poops. I think he makes a poop for every little pea he is eating. Today he ate 90 big fat peas and 30 homemade pellets!!!!  When I weighed him on last Sunday he had 253 gr  – a plus of 43 gr within a week! In the meanwhile he does not feel so skinny any more – he has much more flesh on his ribs.
In the meanwhile he has lost most of his tail feathers though – they are all a bit bent and crippled and I am sure that this is a consequence of malnutrition. I give him additional calcium twice a week and extra vitamins.

Gino has become such a sweetie – did I say this already? He does not panick any more but makes a big fuss like a typical Italian guy when I come near him in order to pick him up for feeding. And after feeding, when he’s got his head massage from my partner he squeaks just once when I come to pick him up for his box.  Today I mounted the mosquito net again so that he could stretch his wings and do some exercise. He tried to helicopter in his box so I thought this might be the right time to give him some more freedom. He enjoyed it very much.

Rudi though was not so amused having another guest here and tried to get after him but  believe it or not – that little bugger Gino knew exactly how far away from the net he had to stay so that Rudi could not reach him – what a litle brat!!!! I am sure he – Gino – poked his tongue at Rudi!!!!!

2/22   Today was Calcium day again and we had not so much time as it was shopping day as well. So little Gino had to stay in his box. But tomorrow I will mount the mosquito net again so that he can do his exercises. I cannot leave him alone in the net – there has to be someone to watch it. Gino could get caught in the net and this is what we do not want by all means that he hurts himself.

2/23   Today was Gino’s weighing day: 283 gr!!!This means that he increased his weight by 73 gr! in less than 2 weeks. I am very happy about this. What I am not so happy about is the condition of his plumage. He lost nearly most of his tail feathers – all of them quite underdeveloped and partially broken. Also his flight feathers are in a bad condition which means that he has to wait a bit longer until he can be released. With these feathers he cannot fly very well not to speak of escaping a predator. But I don’t mind keeping him a bit longer. He has his mosquito net daily to train at least his muscles with helicoptering. And he has company through Pina and Rudi and does not lose contact to his own kind this way. Also he can see and hear the balcony gang when they come in for feeding.

These are the feathers he lost so far:

Gino is such a funny little chap: squeaking whenever one of us is walking by or when he is going to be fed. He is a very vocal little boy. This evening – when I fed him my homemade pellets one of the pellets fell out of his beak and he squeaked in frustration. We had to laugh of course because he reacted like a human.

2/24   It happened again: when we fed Gino this morning one of his peas fell out of his beak and he squeaked in frustration again. What a funny little fellow. He is making good progress: I have seen that a whole lot of quills are in the making i.e. he will have many new feathers soon. This is very good as he has hardly any more tail feathers and his plumage is much too thin.

Today Gino had his first real bath. Unfortunately I did not really see it because I was busy with Micky – but then I realized that he was all wet and there were wet spots around his little bath tub (a plastic saucer from one of my planting pots). So he must have had a bath and apparently he enjoyed it.

2/25   Gino continues to eat very good. We will see what he weighs tomorrow….

And here he gets his massage after feeding:

What can be sweeter than a little pigeon well fed and content?



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