Pigeon Tales

April 9, 2012

Rudi is working on his Nest and a Jealousy Drama between Micky and Pina

From the

Diary as of 2/5 – 2/12/2012

2/5   Rudi is working more than diligently on the nest: he flew uncounted times from the floor to the closet and brought Pina the cartonage stripes that I always cut for them. They both love this material. The pigeons outside on the balcony btw as well. They always steal them from Lucky when I have provided him with a pile of that stuff 

2/6   Pina is due – after28 days again she laid her first perfect egg #53.

My little baby is incredible – like a clock. I wished she wouldn’t do this so often and take more freedom for herself and give herbody a longer rest. But what can I do????

2/7   Emma and Lucky are cuddling again and eating a lot as well as all the others whom I feed at least 4 times per day. It is incredibly cold and my chrysanthemum is deep frozen. All the new shoots are deeply frozen and probably dead. What a shame. Who could have thought that it would become that icy?

2/8   Pina laid her second egg# 54 in the lateafternoon. Another perfect egg – I am very relieved. Giving her more Calcivet during the week before laying seems to work perfectly.

Lucky and Emma were also working on their nest again but emma is not ready yet to lay. I really hope she takes more time still and I am nervous about her next eggs…

2/9   Finally I managed to get some photos of Sandy – a new pigeon that appeared on the balcony with a wonderful colouring and completely different from all the others here. Unfortunately the light was not so great so that his lovely colours cannot really be seen. But at least you get a glimpse:

2/10   Today we had a little jealousy drama between Pina and Micky. I had Pina in my t-shirt and she climbed out of it on my shoulder while I was walking into the bedroom. When Micky realized that Pina was sitting on my shoulder – her place – she immediately flew to my shoulder, pecked angrily at Pina so that Pina was forced to fly down. Oh my – they are fighting over me – who’s allowed to sit on mummy’s shoulder? Afterwards Pina was totally miffed and ignored me at least for half an hour until she looked at me again and was willing to play with me. What a princess..

Emma laid her first egg #84 – did not look very well but was still okay.

2/11   Emma laid already her second egg #85 – same as before: rough shell. Should I be worried?

2/12   Today was weighing day for Pina and Micky: Pina had 360 gr and Micky kept her weight of 334 gr although she is eating all by herself. Good girl. Only her poops still look awful.

Micky’s preferred perching places on the HiFi and my Hoya:



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