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April 9, 2012

A new Rescue: an emaciated Squeaker named Gino

From the

Diary as of 2/13 – 2/16/2012

2/13   We have a new rescue: little Gino, a squeaker. Of course I could not be sure that it was a male but he appeared for the first time on our balcony today and was terribly mobbed by all the males. He was soooo thin – will see what he weighs tomorrow. When he came in for food I picked him up – realized that he was only bones covered by skin. He had some little scratches on his cere probably from all that pecking at him. Poor little fellow – I had to take him in. Was not sure whether he would make it through the night outside with these low temperatures and in the evening it started to snow again.

I put him into Pina’s box as she is sitting on eggs in her nest on the closet, covered him with towels to get him warm slowly – he had very cold feet when I picked him up – and after a little while – when he had warmed up – I fed him 20 ml baby cereal with applesauce and joghurt and 2 drops of propolis. He swallowed everything without any protest. His skin was so terribly thin – I was afraid of hurting him when he started fidgeting while I fed him but he was totally calm.

Checking his mouth it was clear – no canker lesions. His eyes were clear and alert. A quick check of his plumage did not reveal any parasites – what I found quite amazing – but with these very low temperatures outside these dreaded suckers wouldn’t have survived anyway. His plumage though was in a terrible condition and could have hardly warmed this little fellow. I wonder how he survived the last few Siberian days. His parents must have thrown him out of the nest much too early. Maybe they had problems to find food for him. He could fly but only very badly. There is no way that he managed to fly up from the ground. He must have come from a different floor above us.

I decided quickly to keep him inside for some days to foster him so that he could increase his weight a bit and then release him again when the weather was a bit warmer. (At that point I did not know that it would take quite a bit longer…)

2/14   Gino has had a good night. Lots of poops which were still looking like starvation poops though  – dark green – but his digestion seemed to function well.

I weighed him this morning:  210 gr. I never had such a skinny little pigeon squeaker.

Tonight Gino looked so content after his baby cereal meal – it was a joy to look at him. Btw – could not detect any mites on him – not even any feather lice. And did not find anything crawling in his box either. I am very relieved about this.

This evening I put Micky on a new course of Bene Bac because her poops were still too soft in general. Sometimes they are good during the day but she still makes bad poops during the night.

I also started to feed her some thawed peas in the morning and in the evening. Maybe this will help her digestion to become firmer.

2/15   I have actually no idea what caused Gino’s bald spot on his nose (cere). But a friend of mine mentioned  frost bite. He also has some bald spots on his breast and under the wings. His tail feathers look totally chewed up but he has no injuries and absolutely no visible parasites. I have no idea how he could survive these Siberian temperatures for so long. He’s probably so emaciated because he needed all energy for warming himself as his poor feathers could not do the job.

Astonishingly he’s got still a lot of energy trying to escape from his box whenever I open the lid – LOL. Hopefully he will become a bit calmer the next days when he notices that the only harm that is done to him is getting a full tummy!!! He is truly a funny little chap. Today he ate 40 peas for lunch and another 30 for supper!!!! I really don’t know where he packed those so small as his body is…

2/16   You won’t believe this: Gino increased his weight by 31 gr in 2 days!!!! He is now on 241 gr! This is actually 15% of his former body weight. If he continues like that he won’t be able to fly any more – eeeeek!!!!
I don’t know how he does it but this morning there were about 40 perfect little poops in his box- probably one for each pea. Apparently he is sucking every little sh… out of his food…. He is my little hero!



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