Pigeon Tales

April 5, 2012

Pina is stargazing again and Micky longs for Freedom

Sorry – I got the posts somehow mixed up – so I had to delete the last one to stay on the correct time sequence….

From the

Diary as of 1/24 – 2/4/2012

1/24   Today Rudi does not seem to feel so well – he did not want to go outside although between the snowshowers the sun was shining a bit. Well – he always knows quite well what is good for him. Clever boy!

1/25   Sun is shining but it is quite cold. Rudi went out again to do what he is always doing:  running after each female and flirting…

Emma, Pina and Micky had their Calcivet and Propolis today.

Lucky is very cheeky. While I was sitting on my sunchair this morning for a few minutes he jumped on me and was walking allover me!!!! No respect!!!!

1/26  Decided to give Micky some probiotics again as her poops have become too soft again.

1/27   Poor Micky sits on my hanging planting pot for the whole day and stares out of the window. I know she wants to be together with the others so very much but this is impossible still. She is not ready to go yet. I have to comfort her from time to time.

01/28  Despite the current cold weather and snow Pina is very brave and goes out several times during the day. Rudi is enjoying his flights with the flock as well. He is heavily courting anyone that looks like a female. What a show-off!!! Even our Jimi has hardly time for eating at the moment – he is also courting like crazy. These pigeon men!!!! What a bunch of posers!!!

01/29  Micky’s poops were better this morning again. Must have been the Bene Bac that I gave her again. Her weight was 335 gr this morning.

01/30   It’s Monday and it was bitter cold during the night: -15°C.

01/31   Again a very cold night and I tested my car: it worked though although a Diesel at -12°C. Pina is off the plaster eggs and cuddles with Rudi again.

02/01   Pina started stargazing quite heavily – so bad I haven’t seen this for ages – with partially her head twisted to the floor. But she has no problems with flying and landing. But I put her on Conium again.

Stopped feeding Micky entirely as she can eat by herself. She will only get her cereal with apples sauce twice a week in the morning because of the additional vitamins and Propolis each evening as long as not everything is okay yet. But I want to check wether she is able to eat by herself entirely.

Emma left her plaster eggs today.

02/02   Pina is still on Conium – and her stargazing has become less. So the glouli are working again.

Now look at this cheeky little face:

02/03   Pina is no longer stargazing. This homeopathic remedy is working miracles. After such a short time it really helps her.

02/04   Despite the bitter cold temperatures our loving couple “took a ride” outside!!! What brave little birds they are.

Put Micky on Bene Bac again. Her poops are much too wet but she keeps her weight of 335 gr.



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