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March 8, 2012

Micky purrs like a Kitty, another Rescue with a swollen Eye and a Pigeon Bath

From the

Diary as of 1/13 – 1/23/2012

1/13   Micky has started to wiggle whenever I stroke her. She is incredibly sweet. Completely different character than Pina who would never stay on my arm or would allow me to really cuddle her. I can only stroke her when I am playing with her the “ninja game”. Then she can attack and bite my one hand while I am stroking her with the other. Pina is very loyal and so she expects the same loyalty. I just love her to bits. But I love Micky too because she is so devoted.

1/14   Today – when I stroked Micky – she started to purr like a kitty and rubbed her head on my fingers. Also she is doing the nodding with her head as soon as I do it, blinking with her eyes when I do it and starts smacking – yes smacking – with her beak when I do it (with my lips – I have no beak – LOL). Hurray!!! We have a communication ongoing. Of course I know that this is a beginning sexual approach but should I refuse her?

1/15   Weighing day today: Micky has lost a few grams again but this is not worrying at all but only normal fluctuation: 335 gr she has today.

1/16   It is quite cold outside: -5 °C and the pijjies are very hungry of course. But at the same time we have sunshine and the pijjies behave as if we had spring already.

I am glad that I added the Hydrogene Peroxide to my emergency kit for the pijjies: today I had a adult pijjie in for breakfast together with the others and I wondered why s/he did not react when I approached. Different from the other’s behaviour s/he was eating nearly in a sitting mode and I wondered what was wrong.
When I looked closer I saw that her right eye was swollen and completely closed. So I took hher up immediately to check on her eye. It looked as if s/he had lost it. I put the HP into a tiny bowl, diluted it with water and then carefully cleaned the eye with q-tips. Doing this I realized that s/he still had her eye and it seemed that it was okay – only the eyelids were totally swollen. There was some dried white stuff around the eye – not pus but probably some ichor but I could not see whether it was an infection or simply an injury. After I had cleaned off everything I released her again with a kind of insecure feeling whether this was enough. But I could not have kept her inside with Pina and Rudi and Micky around, not knowing whether this was a potential contagious infection.

1/17   Today the same pigeon appeared on the balcony again and I could see that s/he had her eye nearly completely open again. So the cleaning with the HP had worked in a blink of time. SUPER!!!!

1/18   Today the pijjie with the sick eye appeared again to eat inside and I caught her to check her out more properly. I saw that there was still some dried stuff – so I cleaned it again carefully paying attention that nothing of the stuff went into the eye itself. This time I could see that it was a tiny cut in her eyelid and not an infection. Probably s/he had had some fight with another pijjie. I was very much relieved and very happy that this pijjie was on the mend again.

Micky is wonderful: she wiggles when I come near her and when I stroke her she starts purring like a kitty and rubs her little head on my fingers. Incredible. I know she needs a real partner – but what can I do at the moment?

1/19   Things are goin as usual.

1/22   Weighing day for Micky again: 332 gr – so she lost some 3 gr which is just normal fluctutation. I still feed her twice – millet cereal with applesauce and joghurt in the morning and 35 pellets in the evening. She has to get used to feed herself.

1/23   Micky is giving us the creeps from time to time: sometimes she is too lazy to fly properly from the planting pot of my Hoya down and instead she just lets herself fall down on the wide board that stands in front of the big window. This makes a terrible thudding noise where anyone could believe the whole board has come down. But apparently she does not mind to bump her head on the window and beat with her wings against the glass. One could think that she has broken every bone in her body but she reacts completely nonchalant. She is completely crazy and I love her to bits.


And of course I have to show you this video/slideshow I made from our crazy balcony pigeons and their hot love for a bathtub under the motto “How many pigeons fit into a bath tub?”:





  1. I love the blog, the birds are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing and all the care you provide!

    Comment by jeff — March 8, 2012 @ 11:58 pm | Reply

    • Thank you Jeff for this lovely compliment. I can only say that the birds made my life a lot richer and deeper.

      Comment by pigeonwriter — March 9, 2012 @ 6:43 pm | Reply

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