Pigeon Tales

February 27, 2012

New Eggs and Micky explores her Surrounding

From the

Diary as of 1/1 – 1/12/2012

1/1   Did not sleep for the whole night. These idiots were making noises until 6 °clock in the morning. The pijjies did not sleep either very well.

Weighing day for Micky336gr. So she has increased another 6 gr although she has started vomiting again but only when I have fed her too much. She is very sensitive. Poor little thing.

1/2   I  reduced Micky’s meals to 2 per day. I have realized that the 20 ml millet cereal I am giving her in the morning with joghurt and applesauce lasts quite long – so she does not need the peas for lunch. She has often vomited those or at least part of those so I assume she does not like them very much any longer. I do not want to risk a sour crop. Also she has started to pick up the one or other seed. I want to encourage this.

In the evening I am feeding her now my homemade pellets every 2 days (30 – 40). The other day  I am giving her thawed peas.

1/3   Micky has started to run through the whole appartment. She is trying to escape whenever she can. Good for her exercise. We have to be extra careful now that she does not escape through the balcony door.

I am very happy that Pina and Rudi do not attack her when she is running around. Rudi though is after her and courts her heavily. Pina is not so very much amused and expresses her displeasure  loudly grunting.

1/4   Today is a strange weather: like April – raining, snowing, sunshine etc.

Pina and Rudi are heavily mating again. In between they go out and take a short flight when the rain stopped. It is soooo beautiful when they fly together.

Lucky and Emily are in loving mode also. Yesterday I cleaned out their nest and made it new with fresh hay and some lavender twigs – apparently they love it. I once observed Emily how she tried to tear off little twigs from my lavender so I decided to give her some in her nest. This may keep the flies and moths off – LOLOL.

1/5   Nothing special.

1/8   Emily laid her first egg #82 and it looked quite okay. The shell was quite smooth, clean and strong although the form was a bit roundish – very strange.

1/9  Today Emily laid already her second egg #83 which had one weak spot/crevice where the shell nearly broke. But it came out okay.

Pina laid her first perfect egg#51.

1/10   Today Micky discovered that the top of the tv is her favourite place now. I have to take precautions so that not “everything” is spilled into the electronic.

1/11   Pina laid her second perfect egg#52.

1/12   Nothing special.



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