Pigeon Tales

February 23, 2012

Micky does her Exercises and Rudi becomes “Toilet trained”

From the

Diary as of 12/18 – 12/31/2011

12/18   It is snowing. Pina wanted to fly outside but when she flew to the balustrade something wet and cold was on her feet – she reacted like a kitty who gets wet feet – lol – very funny. Pina does not like the snow.

Micky sat in front of the window in our bedroom for nearly the whole day and watched the other pijjies outside. Of course she wanted to go outside as well but… she started to become quite hectic and irrational – so I moved her away until she calmed down again. She is making her exercises….

Weighing day for Micky again:  still 315 gr. I think it is time to put her on pellets – but with less fat.

12/19   Nothing really special. I started Micky on my homemade pellets:

I took corn flower (the rough one), just a few grinded pea nuts, added grinded bread crumbs and hulled millet seeds and finally added some grinded pigeon food mix, the one I always feed to the other pigeons and contains a lot of different seeds, dried peas and corn. I added water until the stuff had the consistency of a firm dow so that it could be formed into small pellets. The pellets could be dried then or fed fresh. The pigeons love them.

12/20   Business as usual. Shopping day while Micky has to go back to her box. She hates it! But we cannot let her roam free while we are gone for 2 hours. Would be much too dangerous for her. The thought that something might happen to her, getting entangled with something, is just too awful.

12/21   Feeding the gang as usual – inside.

12/22   What I observed for the last weeks is that Rudi does not eat in his box any more – the result is that his box stays nearly clean during the night. Is it possible that he wants to be toilet trained? What a clever bird!!!

12/24   It’s Christmas Eve and we are celebrating with our feathered angels.

12/25   Weighing day: Micky has increased her weight: 330 gr now!!! Wow!!! I think this is partially due to her muscle tonus improving because she does a lot of helicoptering now and small flights.

12/26   Micky’s skills are improving. Every day a tiny bit. Her landings are still a bit rough and often end in crash landings or sometimes she flies a bit backwards still but there is more power behind her wing flapping now. And she tries to control her flights more and more.

12/27   Started Micky on propolis again. Her mouth has reddened again and I did not want to give the canker a chance again.

Was very nice weather today and I was even sitting in the sun for half an hour. So I decided to give them all a big bath outside.

And the still life after the bath looked like this:

12/28   Micky was washing her face in her drinking pot in the evening. If the weather is nice tomorrow I’ll give her a bath again. Gave Micky the propolis in the evening again.

12/29   When I got up this morning rather late – 8.45 – it was awfully dark outside – and opened Rudi’s box he also was still perching in the corner and half asleep. What a sweet chap. I closed the lid again and covered the box with the black cloth again. Ten minutes later he was shuffling around to indicate that he wanted to get out…

This morning Micky’s mouth looks a bit less red again. I will continue to give the propolis though.

Today she managed to fly up on to the closet after she had jumped on the table. And she managed a nearly clean landing from all above. Brave little Micky!!!

Weather is not nice – very dark and it will soon rain again. The pijjies on the balcony are quite agitated – I wonder why.

12/30   I  continue to give Micky the propolis in the evening. Today she started to pick quite diligently from the little bowl I put near the window. She is definitely exercising.

12/31  This is the day I hate. All that noise – it is frightening for the animals and going on my nerves. I hate all these firecrackers.



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