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February 12, 2012

Micky loves to sit on my Knee and the Wonders of Propolis

From the

Diary as of 12/6 – 12/17/2011

12/6   Emily laid her first egg # 80 after a long while and since she had been ill beginning of November. I was very anxious to see it and it was not right yet: not as bad as the others before but there was still a spot where the shell was lightly damaged and very thin although I have given her Calcivet every 2 -3 days.

12/7   Pina, Micky and Emma got their Calcivet. I also gave Emily a drop of Propolis.

12/8   Emily laid her second egg # 81 – this time it was perfect – nearly completely smooth shell and strong.

I am totally convinced that the Propolis has been a good idea. Please do not misunderstand me – it cannot be a “cure” for an acute illness alone but it helps apparently in cases where the illness is persistent despite of academic medication:

it supports the body with additional energy and healing powers, helps to strengthen the immune system especially in cases where antibiotics are not applicable any more when a sick bird has been treated already long enough. There may not be any clinical studies which actually prove the results of this remedy but this applies to many homeopathic remedies. I mean it is really not easy to understand and to believe that a remedy which has been diluted again and again (after Hahnemann’s rules) so that the original agent exists only in “molecules” can help to “cure” finally an illness that has become chronic but this IS the truth although the traditional medical science denies this in most cases. Well – I have my own experiences with this and KNOW that it works. The body and soul – whether human or animal – can achieve more than we can comprehend with our brain.

I think that the body of an animal is even more susceptible for homeopathic remedies than the human body because an animal does not have to fight with its own intelligence where brainwash tells him that this cannot work as in humans.

12/9   Pina received another portion of Calcivet

12/10   Micky has received her 5th portion of Propolis this morning and her mouth looks nearly normal now – there are still some canker lesions but no yellowish colour any more. The lump in her crop is gone.

It was snowing the whole day today but the earth is too warm still so it was only wet. Nevertheless Pina and Rudi were flying outside for more than an hour. Very brave, our loving couple.

12/11   Weighing day for Micky315 gr

Micky loves to sit on my knee when I am on the bed. Sometimes when I stroke her softly she tries to preen my fingers – very gently not like Pina who is only interested in having a little Ninja fight with me. She always tries to rip some flesh from my fingers. She is a completely different character and very strong.

At the moment we are waiting for her, Pina,  to lay new eggs and Rudi is busy like hell to bring her nest material, flying like crazy 100 times on the closet with a strip of cardboard in his beak. It looks so funny and Pina comments each gift with her funny voice that sounds so much like a poodle

12/12   Micky is trying to escape. Now our bedroom is not enough any more – as soon as we turn our back to her she tries to find a weak spot in order to escape. She is sooooo curious and wants to explore everything. We have to be even more careful now.

This morning I checked her mouth again as I do each morning and there were no canker lesions any more. The inside of her mouth has turned from a sick red into a healthy pink! I will continue though to give her the propolis for a few more days to make sure that all canker is gone and then I will give it twice a week until she has conquered the PMV infection.

12/13   Pina laid her first egg #49 – a perfect one

12/14   Micky, Pina and Emily received their Calcivet- nothing special.

Micky continues to make good progress. She stays out of her box longer and longer.

12/15   Pina laid her second egg #50 – another  perfect one – smooth, without any drop of blood, strong shell.

12/16   Micky’s canker lesions still did not come back.

And Micky has a new hobby: she loves to play Mama’s little parrot – sitting on my shoulder whenever she has the opportunity.

12/17   Nothing special – I am feeding the gang again – but inside only. It is very funny to watch them how they got used to slip through under the balcony door one after another and then back out again…



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