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February 6, 2012

New Canker Growth and hoping for Success from a homeopathic Remedy: Propolis

From the

Diary as of 12/1 – 12/5/2011

12/1    Pina and Micky got their  Calcivet.

Today I discovered that Micky has developed new canker growth on her tongue and her mouth altogether has become totally red again and the lump in her chest has also grown again. On Tuesday she had her 7th Flagyl portion i.e. no medication for the last 2 days. I am a bit clueless what I should do now? Go back to Spartrix for a couple of days? Or rather wait whether she can combat this herself. I am very worried of over-medicating her and killing everything that can make her strong again. Her immune system seems to be very bad still. Yesterday evening I started her on pro-biotic. Her poops are a bit soft due to the food she gets but colour is totally normal and there is no smell. Also she does not smell out of her mouth. She does not vomit – her digestion is working good.

I tried to take her outside on the balcony in her box again because I know that sunlight is a good help – she hasn’t had sun and fresh air for 4 weeks now but whatever I try – even holding her in a burrito – makes her go totally berserk with heavy seizures. Apparently she is still very sensitive to bright light and of course the noise outside.

12/2   Gave Emily her Calcivet because she is off the eggs and soon due to lay new ones. I am regularly giving her more calcium in the week before laying.

What makes me really wonder is that despite a very red mouth and new canker lesions on the sides of Micky’s mouth and a slightly larger lump in her crop Micky still eats well and makes good poops. In the morning I am feeding her an organic baby cereal with millet flakes, I add apple sauce, joghurt and a few drops of ACV and some carrot juice. She eats 30 ml!! of that stuff! The only problems she got is with fat – if I put a few drops of oil into the mixture she starts vomiting again. Apparently fat is not good for her at the moment but I do not know whether this is rather  related to the canker or to the PMV – I can remember that our Willy also had big problems with fat and also Pina. Micky eats around 40 peas for lunch and a bit less for dinner. So this is altogether enough that she does not lose her weight.

Today she also did some helicoptering and was running around quite a lot. So this behaviour also lets me hope that she will pull through. Of course she becomes very tired in between and falls asleep on my pillow on our bed or on my arm. But she is very lively in her active time. And she sings from time to time. And she grunts angrily at herself when her circle flights do not work as they should – which is very funny.

12/3   Weighing day for Micky: she has 312 gr which is actually not too bad considering her additional problems with the canker. But she makes progress every day – tiny steps but bit by bit.

Today she even took a leap over out little breakfast table from the bed which looked very funny and today she jumped onto the breakfast table nearly on my plate and started picking at the bread. She even managed to eat one or two little crumbs. Her head does not tremble any more and her pecking movements are more direct now – not a whole cm beside the object. It seems like a miracle to me.

12/4  Micky is doing quite well. Despite the fact that she still has canker the lesions have become less prominent – are paler and the lump in her crop is a bit smaller again and softer. Maybe her immune system is taking up and her body seems to fight it. She is getting stronger every day, runs around much more, does more little flights – with crash landings still but on the carpets nothing bad can happen. She is still stargazing but also trying to straighten her head immediately. So very much like Pina.

It becomes more and more tricky to catch her because she can run much faster now and tries to escape all the time. We have to watch her now much more carefully especially as Pina tries to teach her a lot of stupid things. Pina can be such a little devil, showing Micky how to jump on the plants in the window and promptly Micky tries to imitate her as soon as we turn around…

I am still feeding Micky with cereal in the morning and thawed peas for lunchtime and dinner. In the evening I give her Bene Bac now every day. Possibly this pro-biotic has helped the turn-around. I also ordered some Propolis (as an alternative medication) which is supposed to combat the canker besides a variety of other ailments. I hope it will arrive soon.

At the moment I think I will refrain from giving her more medication but as soon as it becomes worse again I have to put her on antibiotics again. I hope so very much that this will not be necessary as Micky needs to go outside again. We cannot keep her as a pet as this would not work with Rudi and Pina. So I have to do everything possible that Micky gets strong again to defend herself outside.

12/5   Nothing special – Micky is making good progress.

Micky doing a lot of nonsense in my shelves:



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