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January 29, 2012

Micky has Canker, Pina has a treacherous Lump in her Chest and Rudi is showing some Canker Symptoms

From the

Diary as of 11/16 – 11/30/2011

11/16   Weighing day for Micky331 gr!!!! She has increased her weight nicely. She also received Calcivet.

11/17   Today I gave Emily her Calcivet.

11/18   Micky had seizures again which were quite heavy. I gave her Conium again.

11/19   Discovered today that Micky has quite a big lump in the middle of her crop and a very red mouth. Although I could not see any lesions I knew that the canker was lurking in her body.  So I put her on Spartrix.

11/20   Micky got another Spartrix. Her lump was still there and did not change. In the evening I gave her Calcivet, Emily and Pina as well.

11/21   I still could not see any lesions in Micky’s mouth this morning – so I decided to leave it with the two Spartrix. Her mouth was still very red though.

11/23  This morning I discovered lesions in Micky’s mouth and the lump on her chest had become a bit bigger again. So I decided to put her on Flagyl. Pina and Emily received their Calcivet.

11/24   Micky got her second portion of Flagyl. No changes yet. Micky still seems to be quite okay.

11/25   Micky started vomiting after lunch.

11/26   Weighing day for Micky: she has lost some weight but not too much: she is on 308 gr – so she lost about 23 gr.

Micky is still stargazing and circling a lot. Some days are worse, some are better as it is common with PMV. But we let her out of her box each day during lunchtime and she loved to spend the time together with us. She was always sitting as near as possible to me and in between she tried to helicopter and fly a bit which ended always in circles. But never mind – this way she is still training her flight muscles which become a tiny bit stronger each day. Her coordination though is still very bad. But we know that she will recover again. It takes only time. Today she was out of her box for more than 3 hours and she hated it when I had to put her back into the box. But I cannot watch over her for 24 hours as she would like to have it.
You should have seen her: while I was sitting at the computer she was perching on her little saucer as near as possible to the wall of her box, her “nose” right at the transparent wall and watching me. Her little belly was full with peas and she was a  100% content little bird. Oh my, what a sweet little one… I wonder how it will be when she is outside again together with the others.

Her canker though is still not gone. There are still lesions in her mouth and the lump in her chest is still there although a bit smaller. I think I have to give her the full 7 days of Flagyl. This damn canker seems to be a strong one again – same as with Lucky. But we managed to heal him – so we will manage to heal Micky as well. I hate this damn canker thing!!!

11/27    It was not a good day for Micky: after her first breakfast this morning – millet cereal with apple sauce and carrot juice she started vomiting heavily – so I had to wait before I could give her the Flagyl against the canker. Then she started having seizures quite heavily – I could not calm her down even after I took her out of her box which always worked so far. So I put her back and covered her box with some towels for the most part to give her some dark environment. Finally she calmed down and fell asleep. After 2 hours I tried a second attempt to feed her – again cereal – and this time it stayed inside. After waiting for another 14 minutes I could finally give her the medicine. Poor little Micky.

During lunchtime we left her out again while we were having our breakfast-lunch. She did her helicoptering and was heavily preening – as usual in circles – but on the bed she was totally safe – she could not hurt herself  – and she seemed to feel so much better.

When Pina came back from her flying time outside I realized that she was breathing heavily with an open beak: I checked her immediately and realized that she had the typical canker lesions in her mouth and a small lump in the middle of her chest. So I put her immediately on Spartrix.  Other than that she seemed to be quite okay still. We will see how it goes tomorrow.

In the evening – while Rudi had his foot treatment (bathing his feet, cutting his nail on the one toe which is bent upwards, massaging his foot pads with DMSO) I checked his mouth: he also showed some canker lesions in the beginning state – so off he went with Spartrix as well.

I am quite shocked. This time the canker seems to be quite aggressive and as I have seen with Lucky and now with Micky not an easy thing to get rid off. I hope I do not have to treat Pina and Rudi with Flagyl also but if this should become necessary – well what choice do I have?

The weather is crazy – we have temps around 12 °C again and this end of November. I think this makes the birds crazy as well and very susceptible for illnesses. The weather ups and downs are real stress.

11/28  I gave Pina another Spartrix and Micky got her second last portion of Flagyl.

11/29   Gave Emily her Calcivet. Micky got her last portion of Flagyl.

11/30   Refurbished Emily’s and Lucky’s nest again. Now look at this luxury villa:

And now look at Emma sitting happily in the middle of her house – only the whiteness of her cere radiating from the entrance….

Lucky is coming to check out the little flower garden in front of the house:

…and now he is going to do his part of egg sitting…

…and Emma is going to have her free time now:



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  1. Hi, I would like to know how are your pigeons doing, One feral just adopted me and I am learning how to take care of mine

    Comment by Julia — January 31, 2012 @ 6:46 pm | Reply

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