Pigeon Tales

January 19, 2012

Lucky’s Recovery and Reunion with Emily

From the

Diary as of 10/19 – 10/31/2011

10/19   Lucky’s weight has not changed yet – still only 301 gr. But today he started to move around and did some helicoptering after I constructed a little pen for him with the mosquito net on my working table. Rudi and Pina did not like it though – both hate it when we have a patient inside. I can understand them – it is their home!!!!

Lucky received Flagyl #6 and in the evening his Bene Bac and Calcium #3.

Pina did not lay a second egg. Maybe the reason for this is her molting still – I don’t know. I don’t think I need to worry. The egg she laid was perfect and also fertilized.

10/20   This morning I decided to leave the Flagyl now off and give Lucky a chance to get his intestines in order again. He was a bit down this morning, and when I fed him thawed peas he vomitted them all again after 10 minutes. I don’t know what the matter was, maybe it was too early for him, maybe he still had not digested everything – my suspicion was that the pellets from yesterday were still a bit too heavy – too much fat from the peanuts and sunflower hearts. I think I have to be more careful. So I waited 2 hours and gave him his rice pudding with fruitsauce and joghurt. This at least stayed inside. He also had a visitor: Emma. I simply grabbed her and put her inside his pen made from the mosquito net. Lucky greeted her and she appreciated. But that was it – maybe Emma was not quite sure what to do. But none of them both got aggressive which I consider as a good sign. After 10 minutes I let her out again. Since her sickness she has become quite tame as well.

A short while after that I saw Lucky  perching (making sitting bull – as we call it) on his board and taking a little nap. He seems to feel well now. How sweet this looks.

In the afternoon Emma came in again and I let her into Lucky’s pen again. This time they kissed each other and Lucky started to coo abit. His voice is not fully there but it sounds much beter than 2 weeks ago.

10/21   Lucky is free again!!! I released Lucky this morning. He was so eager to get out of his “pen” that I gave in. I realized that he was feeling very warm – his wings slightly apart from the body and when Emma came in and was slightly panting I was sure that his body heating was functioning again. So I let him go. You should have seen how happy he was, being together with his wife and able to fly again. The weather was cold but sunny so I thought it would be okay.

At first he was still a bit insecure, he stumbled a couple of times, had to get used how to jump up but with every minute he grew stronger. He and Emma came in several times to get a snack. So my world is ok again!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Piece by piece Lucky gained his kingdom back and chased off the pijjies who did not belong on our balcony. Of course he also had his dispute with Rudi who had to accept  that the former outdoor balcony owner was back. But everything went well – no injuries.
I only wondered how Lucky would do in the night because it was quite cold. In the evening he quarreled a bit with Emmy who did not want to give up her sleeping place she garnered on one of the pots but also this ended finally in a consent.

10/22   During the night I could not sleep of course so I checked several times on Lucky and Emma but both were sleeping deeply on the balcony – everything was perfect. This morning both came in as usual to take their breakfast and life seemed to be as it always was….

10/23   This morning I realized that Emma had a few small lesions in her mouth so I put her on Spartrix immediately. Probably the stress again because Lucky was hospitalized.

Jimi is heavily molting – in my opinion this happens quite late in the year:

10/24   Emma got another Spartrix and then she disappeared for 5 hours. She has never done this before and I already feared the worst: that she finally was fed up with waiting for Lucky etc. etc. But after 5 hours she re-appeared as if nothing had happened. Oh boy – was I relieved!!!

10/25   Lucky’s poop is firming up. He started to court Emma heavily. They are re-newing their relationship. What a sight – I am so happy about this. They are both enjoying the still-life on the balcony so it seems and…

…and Lucky can read his newspaper again:

10/27   Today everything seems to be in order. Temperatures are still about 10°C but the wind comes from east and is very cold. This morning I discovered a dead pigeon on the opposite building – seems as if a raptor got him. Jimi and Pina must have witnessed because both came in quite panicking. It is very moving that Jimi still seeks shelter here when something is wrong…

The crows and the kestrels are now quarrelling over the corpse – it will soon be gone.

10/30  Weighing day for Lucky:  356 gr. So he is well in shape.  Both he and Emma got a last portion of Bene Bac and Calcivet of course.

10/31   Nothing special – Lucky is doing very well and Emily also.



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