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January 18, 2012

Lucky is slowly recovering and Pina lays an new Egg

From the

Diary as of 10/16 – 10/18/2011

10/16   I weighed Lucky today: he is on 303 gr – so he lost a little bit more but not too much – a good start for a recovery. Today he received his last Baytril #7 and Flagyl #3. From now on I will give him the Flagyl in the morning so that I can treat him with the probiotic and Calcium in the evening.

10/17   Today is another day: Lucky looks so much better. The expression in his face has changed – he has started to preen himself and from time to time he is really relaxing on his little saucer. He also started to pick some seeds from the bowl which contains some hulled millet, small enough to be digested easily. His poops are still all wet of course but are plenty and do not smell at all.

And he’s got his voice back –  a bit subdued still but he cooed a bit when Emma came in. So he is definitely on the mend. It is always so sad and frightening when a bird loses his voice – then you know that something is really wrong!!

I am not too over-optimistic though regarding the time he can be out again as there is still some canker stuff lurking in his trachea while his mouth is clear now. So the full cycle of Flagyl (7 days) will probably be necessary.

He is also still very weak and it is sad to see a bird like him in this condition. When Emma came in I opened the lid of the box and poor Lucky hardly made it to the corner of the box. When he did a bit of helicoptering he started to caugh a bit again so there is definitely still some stuff in his trachea which possibly comes up now.

I also started to feed him some homemade pellets for lunch: grinded peanuts and sunflower hearts, bread crumbs and corn flower so that he will gain some energy back. In the evening he ate 30 de-frosted peas, got his Bene Bac and Calcivet. In the morning I still tubefeed him with baby riceflakes with applesauce and vitamins and some grinded peanuts to add some fat and then he gets his Flagyl with some applesauce afterwards to neutralize the bitter taste of the metronidazole.

Lucky is such a brave little patient. He even likes to be groomed by me now and then. I hope that his poops will improve soon. He is drinking a lot which is good I think because this will help to clean his digestive tract from all that bad stuff and the heavy medicines.

Although this all won’t probably happen again – as usual – I am thinking of getting some extra dentist instruments for emergency cases like this. The tweezers I was using did not work at all – you need much finer tools and I think it cannot hurt to have some on hand. Could be useful for string injuries as well.

Pina has finally laid her first egg #46 (her only one as I later realized) – it was 2 days overdue according to her time plan – I suspect it was Lucky’s presence that kept her from laying. I was a bit nervous though after the experience with Emma.

10/18  Lucky is much more lively today. After giving him his riceflakes with applesauce and medication – Flagyl #5 – and cleaning his box I opened the balcony door and put his box into the sunlight. Emma came also – she is molting heavily and looks like a little vulture – and Lucky cooed a bit. He is also stretching himself and does a bit of helicoptering. I think in the afternoon I will hang up the mosquito net and let him a bit out of his box so that he can move more freely.

His trachea looked good this morning but I am not sure whether the canker stuff is entirely gone. We will see tomorrow whether he still needs medication. For the first time this morning he was doing something that looked a bit like a formed poop. But we have to be patient. It is getting along well….

Emma moulting:

Seldom I have seen Emma heavily moulting like this…



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