Pigeon Tales

January 7, 2012

The Pigeon War on the Balcony….

From the

Diary as of 10/6 /2011

I thought I would post the following in an extra post as it is extremely unusual:

While Emma is her old self again, happy, makes very good poops, eats with great appetite and is so happy to have the balcony with Lucky for themselves again. Why I emphasize this – this is why:

last week we suddenly had not only the usual 12 – 15 pigeons in our livingroom for breakfeast etc. but about 30+!!!! And they did not want to leave! They completely occupied our balcony, becoming more and more aggressive so that we could not open the door without having 5 pigeons in our face immediately. We had to use broom and water spray bottle in order to get rid of them, but as soon as Pina or Rudi were eating inside they went nuts outside, tried to come inside and even flew  into the windows. It was awful.

Our dear Charly and his mate Robby became some of the worst and most agressive ones. The additional problem was that we still had Emma inside as well, being sick. This all was a nightmare because Lucky was alone outside to fight off all these beasts which he could not manage of course. I was very worried.

Then Weasely tried to capture Lucky as a mate so I had to drive her away as well. She suddenly became very aggressive too and tried to fly inside whenever she could even risking to be injured, ignoring any caution. Pina did not dare to go outside for 3 days any more. She was absolutely terrified and only Rudi was couragious enough to go outside. When he tried to come home again it was each time an act of balance to fight off the others to give him the  opportunity to fly inside. Altogether a nightmare. At the same time it nearly broke my heart to have to do all this as you can imagine, but I had to – otherwise Emma would become sick again the moment she would go outside with all this stress.

I have no idea why this happened. I would never have thought that I would have to shoo off these birds but they turned into completely aggressive beasts, additionally fighting nastily with each other. It must have been this crazy weather – unusually warm. Instead of preparing for the winter they all must have had a boost of hormones which turned them into something like in Hitchcock’s film. I have no other explanation. It could not be the food because they still find plenty outside. For the safety of our Pina and Rudi, Emma, Lucky, Micky and Jimi, who were the only ones who did not change at all we had to shoo them all off drastically.

Thank heaven this spook was over after a few days – a few of them still tried to get in but at least they became quite respectful again – so the water sprayer was sufficient. Charly and his mate still tried to come inside from time to time and he was still very aggressive so I am afraid he will not be allowed to come inside any more. What a shame. I am quite sad about this.

Now Emma and Lucky are quite relaxed again  and can defend their balcony now with a little help here and then from us. We have PEACE again. Have you ever heard of such an incident where the birds go all crazy?



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