Pigeon Tales

January 6, 2012

Emma released again!!!!

From the

Diary as of 10/1 – 10/5/2011

10/1   I have good news: After treating Emma for a week with Baytril and keeping her in a hospital box for the time I let her out again today, roaming the whole appartment. The last 4 days – while she was still inside – I gave her Calcivet in the evening to build up her calcium levels again. I also treated her with the pro-biotic Bene Bac during this week to help her digestive tract to become normal again.
Closely watching her for the whole week I can say that she fully recovered, cuddling with her beloved Lucky again, making perfect poops and fighting off the unwanted guests from HER balcony. Emma is her old self again.

I think that the problem with the eggs was only secondary and no real Peritonitis – I remembered that, a little while ago, silly little Emily had sat on the thick moss on the roof top of her nest for a longer time – she likes it so much – and that moss was wet from the rain. So I think she simply got an infection of her abdominen that spread to the oviduct and from there to the forming eggs – like a human who gets a bad bladder infection from wearing wet clothes etc. Wet surfaces are never good for birds nor for humans!!! My explanation for her amazingly quick recovery.

She was btw an excellent patient – she vomitted only once on the 3rd day she was in when I got very worried because when I checked her in the very early morning – because I could not sleep really during the whole night – the whole box was full of old seed – stuff she had eaten DAYS before. But – clever bird she is – she only got rid of all the stuff which disturbed her – a cleaning action if you like. From that day on she got remarkably better, her poops started to increase which told me that her digestion was working again and the de-frosted peas did their job of course.

I now wonder when she is going to lay eggs again and how they look like. I pray that everything will be okay… Fingers crossed Fingers crossed Fingers crossed

10/2   Released Emma today. She was so happy to be together with Lucky again. Fed her with 20 peas in the morning – so she had something in her crop and outside she went in the early morning. I had Lucky let inside so that he could get her. This eliminated the problem with Weasely who still had hopes that Lucky would be hers. Also the weather is still quite mild, 15°C during the night,  so I need not worry about Emma getting cold again.

10/3   Gave Emma her first portion of Bene Bac to help her digestion to become normal again.

10/4  Emma and Lucky are heavily cuddling. They look so happy together and with the others not disturbing any more – at least not many – they are without additional stress.

10/5   Gave Emma another portion of Bene Bac. I think this will be the last one because her poops are already perfect again.



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