Pigeon Tales

January 4, 2012

Rudi is moulting again, making Love and Pina is stargazing

From the

Diary as of 9/1 – 9/20/2011

9/1   Something new in Rudi’s behaviour: as the light becomes less now Rudi decides now when he wants to go to bed: he flies from the high closet to the board near the window so that I can easily pick him up there to put him into his sleeping box. What a sweet little chap. I love him so much. And he is sooo funny. A true character.

9/2  Nothing special today.

9/4   Weighing day today:

Rudi          436 gr

Pina           387 gr

Emma       337 gr

These values are really good. I would have never thought that Emily had more than 300 gr. I have the impression that since Emily is getting Calcivet twice a week her appetite has very much improved!

9/10   For the first time since I care for pigeons I saw an abominable bit of poop today – dark brown and quite liquid, and something was wiggling in it: small worms, about 5 mm long. So disgusting. I should have photographed it but I wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible. It must have been from a foreign pigeon, not from one of our balcony pigeons because I have never seen something like that. The whole day I was checking again and again whether there was a repetition but I could not detect anything at all.

9/10   Pina left her plaster eggs and is cuddling with Rudi again. As the weather is very nice today they flew out on a nice long trip. Good for Pina’s muscle tonus.

We had a new visitor this morning: one of the light-grey, red-banded pigeons was on the balustrade – a very beautiful young bird. I really hope that s/he will appear more often. A very unusual colour among all the others.

Pina – no stargazing today!

9/13  Pina is cuddling with Rudi – no stargazing.

9/14   Pina started heavily stargazing today again and I put her immediately on Conium D30.

9/15   Less stargazing today but I give Pina still Conium globuli. In the afternoon no stargazing any more – so I left the Conium out.

9/16  Pina did not stargaze since yesterday midday so definitely the Conium worked!

9/17  The weather is nice today and I tried to convince my little princess to fly together with Rudi but she did not want to. In the late afternoon I realizd why she did not want to fly – Pina laid her first egg #44 – it was one day early. There was a tiny weeny bit blood on the shell – which I think was the consequence of her not flying enough the day before?

Rudi is moulting again heavily – his box was full of feathers this morning again. When does this finally stop?????

9/18  Awful weather today – Pina was sitting on her egg but went out later when Rudi exchanged place with her. Brave little princess!! She even took a shower in the rain on the balustrade – so she is feeling well.

Had to remove a bunch of hair from Micky’s foot today before it could do any damage!

Pina laid her second egg #45 without any problems.

Plastered Emmy’s and Lucky’s nest with new moss:



9/20  Nothing special.



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