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December 29, 2011

Rudi’s Feet and really hot Weather

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From the

Diary as of 8/1 – 8/31/2011

8/1   Treated Rudi’s feet again – this has to be done regularly. A regular check saves him from getting new problems. The feet look quite good though:

8/19   Rudi is still heavily moulting: his whole box was covered with little downy feathers. He will soon have bold spots if this continues

8/20   Pina has not laid her egg yet which is good as day 28 is tomorrow. My little angel did stargazing only once today (from what I have seen) so I gave her Conium Mac again. This remedy really seems to help. Both, Rudi and Pina, went out for a long flight today which is good for Pina’s muscles for the egg laying process. I also gave her another portion Calcivet.

8/21   Pina has laid her first egg#43 – she is like a clock work – exactly 28 days again

8/22   Since today it has become incredibly hot. The pijjies are also suffering and drinking a lot. Each day I put a bath tub outside for them and inside as well for Pina and Rudi.

8/23   Pina has laid her second egg#43 and Emma laid her first one which is #75

The pijjies hardly fly out – Pina and Rudi prefer to stay inside rather – it is at least a few degrees cooler.

8/24   The weather is still scorching. Tonight I left Rudi on his favourite place high on the closet for sleeping. I did not want to put him into his sleeping box where it would have been too sticky. The birds are really suffering in this heat as well. Who would have thought that it would become so hot after May, June and July have been incredibly wet and cold…

8/25   Emily laid her second egg #76. Both her eggs do not look very good though. The surface is quite gnarly instead of being smooth. I will put her on Calcivet twice a week now.

8/26   Scorching weather – 34°C  again. There is no way to be able to sleep with 29°C still during the night in the bedroom. Rudi is still sleeping outside his box on the closet again – so he has some air to breathe.

8/27  During the very early morning it started to rain and the temperature has  considerably come down:  18 °C in the morning and during the day even down to 14°C. Can you believe this? But one can breathe again and the pijjies feel considerably better as well.

8/28   Had to treat Rudi’s feet again with DMSO in the evening. I had watched him over the day slightly limping again – apparently there was something wrong again. When I checked him after I had washed his feet thoroughly I could not find anything – maybe he has had a bad landing – he is running around the whole day after the girls of course. But I treated him anyway. I just don’t want him to feel any pain. He is such a sweet little chap.

8/29   It is sunny again and we could spend some time on the balcony. Pina was in excellent mood today – so sweet. First she sat on the back of my chair for a while watching me working on the computer and later on – when we had our nap – she came into the bedroom and walked over my back. Apparently she was looking where her mommy was… Normally she does this when she wants  to tell me that she wants to fly out. But sometimes she just wants to make sure that I am not gone…

8/31  Nothing special. Feeding and cleaning, cleaning and feeding.



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