Pigeon Tales

December 18, 2011

New Squeakers and Rudi is making Love with Micky

From the

Diary as of  7/16 – 7/31/2011

7/16   Woody introduced one of his new children to us: We called him Sunny – he is clearly a he – I think but who could know for sure. I already missed my guess for a couple of times. It is such a beautiful little guy, totally colourful with a large white cap and very cheeky and  still a squeaker with an adorable voice. The second baby is all grey but with an interesting pattern and so we called her Tiger later (and you will see why). But this one did not dare to appear on the balcony alone yet.

Sunny together with his father Woody

7/17   Sunny already appears alone – he has learned extremely quick that he gets something to eat here when he comes inside. What an amzing little chap!!!

7/18   Loki and Lotti are coming twice each day now. They are quite timid and never press to be let in. They eat their meal and then they are off again. What a sweet couple.

7/19  Sunny is regularly coming now. He totally got used to get his meals here. What a cheeky and very intelligent little chap. And so sweet!!!!

7/20  Pina is off her plaster eggs and I started treatment with Conium mac – 1 globuli 3 x per day until she is laying her first egg again. She also got Calcivet.

7/21  Charly has become a bit calmer and a bit less bossy. Apparently he is getting used to Robby and does not press her any more so fiercely as before. Maybe he starts to understand that otherwise she will leave him also. Just as Winnie did.

7/22  It is Pina’s birthday today!!!! Our little princess has turned 2 years old.

7/23  I think the Conium mac is doing its job. I have the feeling that Pina is stargazing much less and I have not seen a single seizure. I also gave her Calcivet today again.

7/24  The weather is awful: we should have summer but it is hardly 13 °C! Incredible. The pigeons are in very bad mood and hungry all the time.

Today we had 3 kids from Woody’s last 2 batches of kids eating their breakfast: Sunny, the new one, Micky from the last one and Robby who is mate already to our Charly. What a picture!

Micky (back), Sunny, Woody

Pina already laid her new egg #41 – she is 2 days early.

7/25  Pina received another Calcivet portion today. I stopped the Conium mac.

Rudi mated 3 times with Micky this morning – apparently the girl (about 5 months old)  is in love with Rudi and he would not refuse an offer of course – naughty naughty!!!!

I have quite often observed that this seems to be normal in the pigeon world: elder pigeon guys introduce young pigeon ladies into the secrets of making love

7/26  Nothing really special. All come for breakfast as usual. I have to make sure though that they do not think they don’t need to look for food for themselves from time to time. They are all soooo spoiled!!!!

Pina laid her second egg# 42 and Emma laid her first egg #73

7/27  Nothing special – weather is still awful – much too cold for July.

7/28  Emma laid her second egg #74.

Finally Tiger dared to come inside – look at her amazing feather pattern – ain’t she beautiful????



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