Pigeon Tales

December 11, 2011

Loki is free again and re-united with his Wife Lotti

From the

Diary as of  7/10 – 7/15/2011

7/10  After his check in the morning I weighed Loki again: he had gained another 3 gr and was on 286 gr now, still a bit low but improving.

This morning I also realized that Loki seemed to be quite depressed so I covered his box with one of my small handknitted tablecloths (this had worked with Pina and all the other PMV’s very well) instead of the plastic cover and put him outside on the balcony into the sun (with some shading of course). This seemed to be working. Loki became much more vivid and was looking around with curiosity and could watch all the other pijjies coming and going.

At lunchtime I brought him in again and directly into our bedroom where we eat our breakfast and are watching TV during weekends. Loki immediately started to eat as well while we were eating and afterwards he perched on his saucer totally relaxed. This was so obvious: he needed our presence to feel well and apparently he also enjoyed the voices and noises coming from the TV. What a funny little pijjie!!! He did not want to have it quiet – he wanted entertainment!!!

Weasely is hardly limping any more!!!! I think the DMSO did it!

7/11   It’s Monday and it started good. When I checked Loki’s box this morning I realized that he must have pecked again at is wound because I saw a small bundle of feathers lying on the bottom and I already feared the worst. But when I checked him a bit later – miracle – I found this:

The wound had closed totally and the tissue has completely grown back. The only thing I did was cutting off a bit more of the crust which was loose but still sticking to some little feathers in order to not motivate him to peck more off and doing some damage again. The skin looked healthy, totally pink as it should, no inflammation – simply perfect. I cannot say how happy I was and still am about this development. That meant for me that he will probably be released by the end of the week.

I build him some kind of play pen today under my working table with a large mosquito net so that he had more room to move and also to helicopter and train his flight muscles which have become a bit stiff so it seemed. The little guy is so happy now. Here is another pic from him a few days ago:

Loki inside and Rudi getting crazy outside…

Loki  relaxing on the box – and Rudi angry because he could not get inside

7/12   Loki made his exercises in his play pen. He jumped up and down from the boxes, did a lot of helicoptering, preening. Rudi got more and more angry and tried to peck through the mosquito net all the time.

7/13   We released Loki today although the weather was not so good but it was warm. I took him out of his box, did a quick check, then gave him Calcivet and Bene Bac again and finally fed him 35 big peas. So he’s got an opulent breakfast to get through the day. I then let him free. He jumped on the little flower stand with the Buddha statue at the balcony door, waited for me to open the door and off he was on the balustrade. Sitting there for a couple of seconds in order to orientate himself and off he was. Good luck little Loki!!!

7/14  Loki came this morning with his mate, walked inside with her, took his breakfast and was gone again. I was sooooo happy. He looked as if nothing had happened.

7/15  Today was actually the day when we realized that Lotti (the originaly name of Loki)  was not a Lotti but a Loki – LOL. (S)he demonstrated it in front of our eyes!!! Oh my – so (s)he got renamed to Loki and his wife got his former name: Lotti. What a mess. But this clearly explains now why Rudi made such a fuss while he, Loki not Lotti, was hospitalized.

I am so glad that his wife waited for him and that this all ended in a happy end.



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