Pigeon Tales

December 10, 2011

Loki’s Injury is improving and Rudi goes berserk

From the

Diary as of  7/5 – 7/9/2011

7/5   Loki has had a good night – I could see this from the poops. They were firming up and look nearly normal. He is still getting baby cereal in the morning and his medication after a short while. I always give him another tiny bit of applesauce after I have given him the Baytril because that stuff is awfully bitter. But Loki is a wonderful patient and has not vomited once as some birds do.

This morning I also weighed him and realized that he had lost about 20 gr, was down to 273 gr, which is normal after he has not eaten very much. I wanted to be careful in order not to strain his crop to much and potentially cause a yeast infection. So in fact I was not worried.

He has started to preen humself a bit but is still very calm. But his eyes show more interest now. During lunch I fed him about 30 peas and gave him some more in the evening. I also put a little bowl with small seeds into his box and as soon he saw these – he was not quite out of his little batman cape (Batmännle)yet – he put his head into the seed bowl to eat some seeds. Oh my must he have been hungry.

7/6  day I switched Loki to a bigger box (Pina’s – because Pina does not need it at the moment as she is sitting on her plaster eggs on the closet) so that he had more space to move around if he wanted. There was no need to be worried about the wound breaking up again. I think he really loved the move.

As Rudi nearly got a heart attack today trying to get into Loki’s box – he apparently cannot stand him being in “his” home, being a potential competitor,  I had to move Loki’s hospital box into our bedroom. There he was safe from Rudi’s attacks and on the other hand he loved to watch TV. Yes – he is definitely watching and loves our presence. He starts preening herself and is looking with much curiosity in direction of our little TV. Maybe he feels safe when he can hear our voices. He can also hear the other pijjies outside on the balcony and see them flying around.

7/7    Today Loki really had a good day: when I examined him this morning I could see that the crop rupture  had closed – at least there was a crust covering the hole which was much smaller than the original hole. There was no inflammated tissue around the wound as far as I could see. He also had gained 10 gr within the last 2days (now on 283 gr)  which is quite a lot for a small pigeon he is. His poops are perfect and he eats with great appetite. He was also preening himself several times and finally perched on his belly, totally relaxed. What a sweetie. He is still a bit anxious though although he has become very calm when I pick him up for feeding. But as soon as I come near he is growling – very funny. I wonder what bad experience he must have been through and where this crop rupture had come from. He also stretched his wings several times today.

He will be on Baytril till Saturday and then I will treat him for 4 days with Calcivet so that his body calcium is on a normal level again. I am sure we can release him next week. What a joy this will be for him and for us!!

7/8   I had that special feeling already – it would have been too good if everything went that smooth but there was a slight setback. That silly little pigeon must have pecked at his wound vigorously and managed to get it open partially again. Probably the crust was itching and so he pecked so long that it fell off partially and there was a small opening again. But the thread still kept the main part closed. It did not look too bad though but it was a bit annoying after all that effort.

I was afraid though that there might be an infection and applied some DMSO to the area for desinfection and speeding up healing. In the evening everything was closed again.

Loki ate well though during the day – in the morning I gave him 25 de-frosted peas instead of the apple cereal and in the evening he had another 30 peas. He ate some seeds during the day by himself. During the day he was perching on her little saucer several times and looked very relaxed.

7/9 Checking Loki’s wound this morning I found that it would be good to treat him again with DMSO – just in case. His poops have turned a bit soft but are still okay. I assume it’s the Baytril that causes this. Nevertheless I decided to give him another portion of Baytril on Sunday. But that’s it. No more. I am going to start to treat him with Bene Bac and Calcivet on Sunday evening before his digestion is getting worse.

In the evening I put him back into the living room on the couch for the night in order to give him more quietness. But this was apparently wrong. He seemed to consider this as a kind of punishment – I don’t know.



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