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November 27, 2011

Weasely injured and a new Rescue – Pigeon with a Crop Injury

From the

Diary as of  7/1 – 7/4/2011

7/1   Weasely is heavily limping! When she came in with her partner Mr. Weasely I realized that she hardly could stand on her left foot. I caught her when she came in for her meal. After I had examined her foot carefully I could not detect any visible injury – there were no swollen or hot parts on her legs (symptoms for parathyphoid) and none on any other joints or body parts – so I assumed that she must have had a hard landing or something like that and simply bumped her foot badly. I treated the foot with DMSO using simply a q-tip.

Poor Weasely – I hope that the pain will soon go away.

7/2  I treated Weasely again with DMSO when she came in for breakfast. I also had the feeling that she was not limping as badly as yesterday.

7/3   We have a new rescue: Loki – with a crop rupture (originally I thought it’s a “she” because the bird was so small and we therefore called her ” Lotti” – but this proved to be wrong ).

I already saw him yesterday but it was too short in order to really see what was wrong. I only saw a small pigeon on our balustrade, with some deranged feathers on his chest and something sticking to his or coming out of his crop. Today I was lucky – he came in to eat and then I could easily catch him. The strange thing was that I did not know him – so how did he know?

First I put him into Rudi’s box and covered it so that he could calm down. After half an hour I took him out of the box to examine him and there it was: a nasty hole in his crop, the size of a 2-cent piece and the food sticking at and coming out of the hole.

First I cleaned the area around the wound, soaking the stuff that was sticking to his feathers and the hole with warm water, then cleaned everything with alcohol and even cleaned the hole inside from the remnants of the food. Then I got a needle and polythread, sterilized everything with alcohol and then stitched the wound loosely up so that it was closed but also left some small gaps open so that the wound ccould close from inside. There was no necrotic tissue yet – instead the stitching bleeded very slightly – which meant for me that it would heal. After the stitching I added a lot of rescue drops for additional disinfection and healing and finally applied a whole lot of holy Sai Baba ashes.

During the whole treatment Loki was incredibly calm, breathing totally normal without being excited even a tiny bit. What a brave little patient. I put him back into the box and added a warm water bottle to give him enough warmth in case he had a shock. After an hour I tubefed him 10 ml of baby cereal with applesauce in order to give him some fluid and some calories, being as careful as possible not to touch the wound with the tube from inside. After another hour I put him on Baytril. Checking on the wound I could see a little bit of the cereal coming through the hole but I hoped he would process enough through his digestion to regain some strength. We will see tomorrow.

In the evening I gave him another 10 ml baby cereal and Loki already tried to escape from the box. I was astonished about his energy and power he still had. I had weighed him in the afternoon in order to determine the Baytril dosage and he had 296 gr. So he had not yet lost too much weight for a small pigeon such as he was.

Pina got very curious when she relized that there was another pigeon and Loki got angry already and tried to pick Pina through the hole of the handles. Naughty naughty. But this gives me hope that little Loki has the strength and the will to recover.

We will see how he is doing tomorrow.

7/4   Loki is doing quite well and looks much better. When I checked his wound this morning – it was closed. Checking the inside of the box told me that there was no leakage from his crop and according to his poop he also had processed the food. Few poops of course and quite mushy but then he had not much to eat yesterday.

At 7°clock in the morning I gave him another 10 ml baby cereal with apple sauce. An hour later Loki received his 2nd dosage of Baytril. At midday I fed him finally 25 peas after he had left some poops again during the morning. I also checked his wound again, applied some more Bach Flower remedies and ashes. During the afternoon he processed some more food (the poops) which told me that his digestion was improving. Will feed him more peas this evening. I also put a hot waterbottle beneath his box because I realized that he had cold feet which is never good.

Loki was much more lively today. He already defended her box, was grunting when I put my hand into the box to tell me that he is not amused. When I put his box on my working table to give him a bit more light he started putting his head through the handles checking whether he could escape.  I had to stop this by covering his box with a towel so that the handle holes were covered in order to discourage him from further trying to escape.

We will see how Loki is doing tomorrow. But I think he is on a good way.

Rudi visiting Loki



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  1. Our pigeon got attacked outside our backdoor by neighbor cat and the whole front of his crop was pulled off. He has hung on for 5 days and we have even been feeding him. Only a few seeds have come out. He seems to have digested his peas and other stuff he has eaten. Te whole seems too big to stitch so have tried to keep bandages on but it is hard. We raised this guy from a starving baby, he knows his name and loves us. He never even left to find a mate though we let him out to fly several hours a day. Wished we would have kept him trapped up in his outdoor aviary now.

    Comment by Carol McEvee — December 9, 2013 @ 12:43 am | Reply

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