Pigeon Tales

October 27, 2011

Weighing Day, Stargazing again, New eggs

From the

Diary as of  6/10 – 6/30/2011

6/10    Today Pina is in heavy play mode again. She is so sweet – what can I say? She is my beloved baby.

6/12   As temperature are getting cool again Emma and Lucky are probably glad to have the new nest. I have to get some fresh moss from the forest and decorate the roof and the sides. On top of the roof there will be a flower pot – so they have their own roof garden – lol.

6/19  It is weighing day today:  Pina has reached 373 gr!!! What a proper girl – she looks so graceful and slender but her body is all muscles.

Treated Rudi’s foot with DMSO again and had to remove a small callus again…

6/21   Charly apparently has a new mate: it is our little Robby. This is unfortunately now the proof that our beloved Winnie has left. I think there are 2 reasons – one is to save the gene pool and the other is the behaviour of Charly. I think Winnie did not like his macho behaviour and left him. I wonder how long Robby is going to tolerate his gruff behaviour because Charly is really very rude.

He chases poor Robby around, does not let her eat properly and always is very bossy. I don’t understand why he has changed this much. He was such a sweet baby and Pete’s last child. They both loved each other dearly. Maybe this is the reason: Charly feels lonely without his dad and turned into an impatient little monster being aggressive towards anyone…just like it happens sometimes with humans when they feel abandoned…

Robby enjoying her life on the balcony…

6/24   Pina starts stargazing again. I had hoped so much that this would not happen again but it did.

6/25   Started to treat Pina with Conium mac – 3 times a day 1 globuli

6/26  Pina receives the next CM2

6/27   Emma lays egg #71 and Pina receives CM3

6/28   Pina lays egg #39 and has stopped stargazing completely. Now I do not know whether the Conium Mac has helped or because she has laid her first egg. We will see what happens.

It is Jimi’s birthday today! Happy Birthday my sweet Jimi! I love you so much!!!!

6/29   Emma lays egg #72.

6/30   Pina lays egg #40. Both eggs are perfect again – smooth and no blood at all. I am glad about this.

Robby – playing tricks with the seed…



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