Pigeon Tales

October 23, 2011

Pina is stargazing, new Eggs and Rudi injured his Foot again

From the

Diary as of  5/26 – 6/9/2011

5/26   The weather is incredibly hot and humid. When Jimi arrived on the balustrade he was panting heavily. I already thought he would never stop again. But he is a very large and broadshouldered pij – so he has to work more when flying. I observed him just moving his beak through the water pot without drinking while he was panting so heavily. Apparently birds do not drink during this state in order not to suffer from a shock? I don’t know – just a guess, similarly to humans who should not drink too much cold liquid while overheated…

5/27   Today is bad weather – raining the whole day and the pijjies are in a bad mood – some of them – but mostly hanging around and being lazy.

5/29   Pina started stargazing today again. That was quite a shock for me after no symptoms appeared for nearly one year after her recovery. She is in stress – it is pre-egg-laying mode again. The last time when this happened I thought it was a one-time-off  because she had a little infection during that time also but apparently it wasn’t. So I am not quite sure what I should think at the moment. Everything else, including poop, is perfectly normal. Maybe I should put her on an additional vitamin treatment.

5/30   Emily laid her first egg # 69

6/1   Pina laid her first egg #37 – this time without blood. I have given her 3x calcivet before egg laying so this might have helped.

Emma laid her second egg #70

6/2   Today somethingvery funny happened: Rudi and Pina were inside and Emily wanted to come in to get her lunch. So I opened the door and in she came and immediately Rudi wanted to molest her again. So I said to him and Pina – leave Emily alone and visit Dad in the bedroom – immediately they both turned around and waddled into the bedroom. I was absolutely “shocked” – apparently they understand each word we are saying. No-one will believe me – but this is true!!!

6/3  Pina laid her second egg #38 – also  a clean egg again.

Had to treat Rudi’s foot again – he must have bumped it again, there was a bit of blood on the middle toe of his bad left foot and he was limping a bit. Silly little fellow!!!

6/4   Today it is warm again but still windy. I realized that our pijjies drink more again after I gave them the water with the organic vinegar again. Very interesting that they can exactly distinguish between organic and not organic.

Rudi’s foot needs treatment again – he is still a bit limping…

6/5   Since a couple of days I am fighting against an injury again Rudi has on his middle toe- it looks like a cut and the toe has been bleeding – which is good – but it is also a bit swollen which is not so good. So I am applying holy ashes again, rescue drops etc.

6/9   Rudi’s foot is improving. Hopefully this was it for a while again.




  1. Hi,
    I’m asking for your permission to use some photos from your website to realize a poster for pigeon’s protection.

    Thank you.
    Best regards,
    HRS – Italy

    Comment by laura — January 2, 2012 @ 6:53 am | Reply

    • Hi Laura,
      If you include my copyright in your poster you may gladly use my pics. If you need larger pics please let me know which ones.
      Kind regards, Petra

      Comment by pigeonwriter — January 4, 2012 @ 1:33 pm | Reply

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