Pigeon Tales

October 22, 2011

Another sad Story: Winnie has disappeared

From the

Diary as of  5/5 – 5/25/2011

5/5   Pina laid egg#35 – no more stargazing today. I am so glad. This was hopefully an exception. The reason – egg laying and a little infection because of the weather I think. We will see what happens in the future.

5/6   Pina laid egg#36. Her stargazing seems to be over. Thank heaven it had no impact on her flying abilities – she flew as usual. I also watched her outside – no sign of stargazing.

5/9   Winnie is missing since several days – exactly since Friday, the 6th of May. I am a bit worried. Charly is coming often for a snack and never stays long. But he does not behave differently than before and he still flies away into the same direction as always. Strange. I have no explanation.

5/10   There is still no Winnie!!!! What happened to her?  I am so unhappy and worried. My little baby – if I only knew what was going on.

5/14   Winnie is still missing but Charly comes every day. What is happening here? My suspicion is that Charly has driven her off i.e. Winnie did not want to accept his rude behaviour any longer as she is a very self confident and proud pigeon and went away. I am so sad and Charly has turned into a little monster. If his dad Pete knew in his grave he would jump out..

5/17   Pina should be off her eggs by now but is still stitting. Good for her! The longer the pause the better for her.

5/20   I think I have to face the fact that Winnie is not coming back. Apparently she has left Charly – probably because of his rude behaviour. I do not want to think and imagine her being dead. This is impossible for me. Not my sweet baby. So I assume that she left for good – or maybe the egg fertilizing did not work or whatever. But I think it is Charly and his behaviour. He is very macho!!!

I am so sad. I am crying. I miss her terribly. This is because she was so sick and I had her for so many months to cure her from her PMV.

5/25   Where are you Winnie, my baby?

Winnie is on the right – 5 days old

Winnie 8 days old

Winnie on the right- 15 days old

Winnie on the right – 19 days old

Winnie on the left – our Jimi on the right

Jimi and Winnie on my back

beautiful grown-up Winnie

The whole family from left to right: Winnie, Jimi, Pete, Emma

Btw – Winnie is Pina’s mom. I will never forget her. May she have a long long happy life!!!





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