Pigeon Tales

October 9, 2011

Pina is stargazing and has a few Seizures…

From the

Diary as of  4/26 – 5/4/2011

4/26   The weather has become a bit colder again after Easter was so beautiful!

Lucky is cooing the whole day and I suppose Emma will be soon leaving her plaster eggs. Both have already inspected their renovated nest which is now luxury class with a moss roof!!!!

4/27   I finally made some photos of “BrokenTail” as I re-called one of the black pigeons. Some raptor must have caught him because his tail really looks awful – totally tattered. His behaviour is also very nervous. It must be difficult for him to navigate with these hardly existing tail feathers. Poor fellow – what a trauma he must have.

Poor little fellow – he really has problems navigating and especially landing. It is amazing how birds can cope with this.

5/1   Weather has become quite ugly – rainy and cold. Not May-like at all….

5/2  It is still rainy and the birds are rummaging our balcony again – always with bad weather and cold temperatures.

Emma laid egg #67

5/3   Weather is still cold so Pina and Rudi went out flying only once during the late afternoon. It is so sweet: while we had our afternoon nap Rudi came into our bedroom and flew on the TV to indicate that he and Pina wanted their afternoon flight. So I got up and opened the door for them and off they went. They came back after a short hour again. How is that about communication????

5/4   Pina had little seizures today and did a little stargazing!!!! I am very worried. I hope it is only the stress of pre-egg-laying…

I heard her dancing around in the last days on one cardboard box beneath one of the chairs and misinterpreted as her playful behaviour but I think it was a seizure. Today I observered her doing some stargazing – definitely! She will be under very close monitoring now. I cannot stand the idea that my little angal darling is getting sick again… Heaven help!!!!!

Emma laid egg #68



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