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October 8, 2011

Two new Youngsters, the Evolution continues and a new Nest…

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From the

Diary as of  4/1 – 4/25/2011

4/1   It is finally April and nothing special happening. Hopefully spring is on the way now!

4/5   Emma has laid a new egg – it is egg #65

4/7   Emma has laid her second egg #66  and Pina laid her first egg #33 – she is like a clock: again it has been exactly 28 days since the last breeding cycle.

4/8   Pina has laid her second egg #34

4/13   Weighing day for Rudi: he has 407 gr despite all his incredible activities such as running after all the girls, chasing games with Lucky and all the other boys. He is truly very active but also loves to come home again.

4/20 It has been a while since my last entry but there was nothing special happening. Each day our family is coming to get their breakfast, lunch, supper. No-one is sick.

We have 2 new yougsters: Micky and Robby. Very sweet and beautiful. They are the kiddos of Woody and Maggie – and of course they have brought them here!!!!

4/21   Micky and Robby are here again. It seems to become a natural thing from now on that they are feeding here too. They are lovingly blithely still – not afraid at all.

4/22   Nothing special…

4/24   Today I was able to finally photograph Goosy‘s  feet with the webbing (therefore his name) between two toes of his right foot. Is evolution taking place here? Do pigeons plan to go back to the water????

4/25   I made a new nest for Emma and Lucky. It was time to get rid of the old cardboard box with all the old poop still on the walls. I made one from a new clear plastic box, cut a large entry opening on the long side and placed moss and bark on top and at the sides. Inside is a layer of seramis and on top of that a fresh layer of straw and hay. I am sure they will like their new luxury villa!!!

It still needs some more tweaking, more moss on the roof and at the sides and inside of course – but it is getting along. The good thing now is that I can take the roof off for easy cleaning!



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