Pigeon Tales

September 3, 2011

Babies and Youngsters and a Broken Tail

From the

Diary as of  3/17 – 3/31/2011

3/17   One of our black pigeons has  completely torn tail feathers since quite some time. I am sure also he was caught by an animal or human ass and luckily escaped. But you can see that he has a trauma – he is very shy and very frightful. Poor pigeon. It takes time to get over this experience. But at least he has survived without being really injured. But I can see that he really has difficulties to navigate with this torn tail. We called him Broken Tail.

3/18   A young black pigeon has appeared on the balcony a couple of days ago. I am not sure who her parents are – we called her Ruby. Such a sweet bird with a lovely face. Her black feathers are all lined with a golden colour. Very nice graphic pattern. And she is tiny – half the size of our Jimi, weighing probably no more than 200 gr. But she is no squeaker any more and has no baby feathers. So I think she is about 2 and 1/2 months old.

3/20   Ruby is now appearing every day to get her share of seeds – which is really good so she can grow  bit more and get some good basis for her future life. She is the first youngster we have seen in months!!!! Where are all those youngsters we used to see regularly?

3/22   Jimi’s hole from the tumor is slowly closing – not quite yet but is healing and he eats with great appetite. So I am not going to bother him again. He seems to be perfectly okay.

3/23   Since several days a new couple with extraordinarily beautiful colours have appeared on the opposite building – grey,with reddish hues and white. Very beautiful and completely different to those which are around here. They haven’t come nearer though so that I could have photographed them but I hope they will do eventually.

3/25   Jimi is currently eating like a pig – HE MUST HAVE KIDDOS – because the amount he is eating cannot be for himself alone. But he never appears with a partner which I find really strange.  All others eventually do. Apparently he wants to keep his home and whereabouts a secret! But he still needs his little ritual where I have to lie on my belly on the floor and feed him his beloved sunflower hearts per hand directly in front of my face. He does not leave as long as he had not had his goodies. What a bird!

3/26   Winnie and Charly still haven’t brought their children. But as they are still feeding a lot here I think they must be okay otherwise they would not need so much food.

3/27   Another young pigeon has appeared since a couple of days and I believe it’s potentially Ruby’s little sister or brother. A grey one, also very tiny and about the same age as Ruby. Very shy still but learning but still a squeaker. Of course she is mobbed by all the others and still has that baby voice when squeaking and when she is being pecked at.

3/28   Snowy and Sooty haven’t appeared now for a couple of days and I think they are gone to build their own little family somewhere else. Patchy and her partner are gone since several weeks. I am a bit sad because they were both so sweet, the children of Flecky, who has disappeared a long time ago.

But this is necessary for the gene pool – otherwise they are weakening the flock if they don’t allow new blood to come in and exchange their own genes with others. Still it is always sad if the loved ones are gone.

Emily is cuddling with Lucky again – I think she will soon leave her plaster eggs to start a new breeding cycle. And Lucky – he is taking care of Pete’s kingdom. A big responsibility and he is still sooooooo young – not even one year old!!! (pics next time)

3/29    I am pretty sure now that our newest addition – a youngster we called Weasly – is Winnie’s and Charly’s child. Weasly’s colour is that of young Winnie without any white spots though – so the proof is missing. But his behaviour and that of Charly tells me that Weasly is Charly’s little boy or daughter.

Weasly is so sweet and appears from now on daily. I can slightly remember that Winnie and Charly had appeared with him/her about 2 weeks ago as if to introduce him to his new home but I only saw a little grey shadow without being able to identify him clearly – I only saw a little grey pigeon for a second and then he was gone again. But now I am sure it was Weasly.

3/31   Here are finally some pics of Weasly:



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  1. Beautiful pictures and incredible care and love. Thank you for all that you do to make the world a better place and for giving us a peek into the lives of your special friends.

    Comment by Elizabeth Young — November 10, 2011 @ 6:25 pm | Reply

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