Pigeon Tales

August 25, 2011

Snowy has a Partner and Lucky is a bit sick

From the

Diary as of  3/9 – 3/16/2011

3/9   Everything as usual. Rudi and Pina are preparing the nest again. She will soon be due. I have to cut all those cardboard stripes again. They love this “nest material”! All paper rolls from the toilet and kitchen paper are “recycled”. Apparently this stuff just has the right consistence when I am cutting stripes of 3-4 mm…

Funny thing is that foreign pijjies steel these stripes as well when I cut them for Emma and Lucky – all pijjies seem to love these for nesting. Crazy people!!! I wonder what the neighbours say who may have found a nest on their balcony or terrace full of cardboard paper stripes

3/10  Pina laid egg #30 – she is laying like a clock- every 28 days.

3/11   Lucky is not feeling well. He does not eat, prefers to sit in the corner on top of the big nest and looks very sad. I will take him in as soon as he comes inside.

I checked Lucky thoroughly when he came inside – could not see any canker signs, his mouth was completely okay, could not feel any swollen joints or hot parts which could be a symptom of Salmonellosis, no parasites in his plumage and his poops were normal although very few due to his not eating of course. I think he just had a little infection perhaps.

I prepared a 25 ml baby cereal with apple sauce in a syringe and added a good part of vibhuti from Sai Baba.

I put him in Pina’s box as she is sitting in her nest on the closet on her eggs and left him there for the whole night. Checking on him during the night I realized that he was perching comfortably – so he was feeling better.

3/12  Yippeeeeeeeh – Lucky is his old self again after a goodnight sleep, warmth in the box and a mouth full of baby cereal with apple sauce.  His poops looked sparce but quite normal besides a bit undernourished. But this is no wonder as he did not eat much the day before. This made my day!!!! Lucky is doing his duty again as if nothing had happened….

And Pina laid egg #31 today.

3/13   Lucky is doing very well and Emily is very vivid. She is doing very well and looks happy!!! I am so relieved. According to her behaviour, how she moves, she seems to feel so much younger again – I know I am crazy…..

3/15   I finally managed to photograph Snowy and Sooty taking a bath – oh how they loved it!

Also Lucky took his bath very seriously!

(Later on I realized that these were the last pictures of beautiful Snowy and her partner Sooty. They went together away in order to explore the world and find a home for themselves where they could have their babies… oh how I wished I could have seen them: black and white… It was a goodbye-present that I was able to shoot these lovely photos…)

And here are a few pics of Snowy alone – she was an incredible gentle pigeon girl, never biting anyone, never fighting. I hope that she is happy and has a good life!

03/16   More bathing pictures the next time…



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