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August 1, 2011

Emma’s new Life and new Eggs

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From the

Diary as of  3/2 – 3/8/2011

3/2   Jimi is doing very well. Apparently the pain is gone and he is eating with big appetite again. This is always the best sign – when birds are eating well – applies to humans too – LOL.

I am very relieved about Jimi’s recovery. It has taken long enough and it will take a long time still until the “scar” has completely cleared up and will be covered by feathers again.

3/3   Lucky seems to become more and more Emma’s new man. And although she is still also kissing with Rudi I have the feeling that Lucky will become her favourite and final mate.

3/4   Emily has laid a new egg #63.

3/6   Emily has laid her second egg#64

Lucky definitely belongs to our family now. I would not be astonished when Pete had “recommendated” Lucky to Emma or “discussed” this with Lucky to become his successor. I find it all very strange how it all happened. But who could tell? I will tell all the details in part 2 of the Emily and Pete story in a separate post.

3/7   I am watching Jimi closely – he is his old self again. Courting with other hens, fighting back when he is molested by Charly or Lucky and behaving as usual.

I checked his wound this morning and it is closing. Put some vibhuti on it again.

3/8   I exchanged Emma’s eggs with the usual plaster eggs: her real eggs were fertilized!! This is the proof that it was Pete who could not fertilize Emma’s eggs any more (since a couple of months) and this is possibly a symptom one has to watch for when a pigeon becomes old and dies. I only wonder where Pete went for his last moments. I miss him so much!

And Pina and Rudi? They are doing what a loving couple is doing all the time…


Rudi and his feet – a regal stance…


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