Pigeon Tales

July 30, 2011

Emma’s new Love and Jimi’s Tumor fell off

From the

Diary as of  2/25 – 3/1/2011

2/25   Emma is still doing well. She cuddles with Rudi and with Lucky. But we have to chase Lucky away in the evening – he is much too noisy and very aggressive towards all others. This is not good at all.

Checked Rudi’s feet this evening. Gave him a massage with rescue cream to make his stiff toes a bit softer again. After the massage the blood circulation is really good.

2/27   Lucky started to do his job: he is chasing away all the foreign pigeons. He does the job Pete could not do any more during the last year because he was so tired.

2/28   The relationship between Lucky and Emily deepens and Lucky has become much calmer. He seems to be really in love with Emma. They often sit in the nest together, grooming each other. So sweet and I am so very happy for Emma. She suddenly looks so much younger than before. Can this be?

Pina, Emma and Lucky on my wood carvings….

3/1   Jimi lost his terrible tumor/lump – it fell off and left a huge hole which I filled with vibhuti from Sai Baba. This will help to soothe the pain he must feel. After he looked not so good this evening – I am sure due to the pain –  I decided to keep him inside. I had the feeling he wanted this as well. He did not eat much today so he wasn’t feeling so very well. I know my pigeons! Additionally we have quite a terrible wind outside and the temperatures are going below zero again. So it is much better to have Jimi inside.

Attention – this is a gross photo when his tumor was still there….

Tomorrow I will see whether I will finally put him on antibiotics or not. He was very calm even during the examination and hardly moved even when I draw a little quill from his wound which was awkward and may have caused some problems. (update: it healed completely and left not even a scar)

Tonight is a test: I left Lucky on the balcony so he could sleep together with Emma. I did not want to chase him away in that terrible wind. If he stays calm he can stay here. What a development…



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