Pigeon Tales

July 24, 2011

Our beloved Pete has disappeared

From the

Diary as of  2/16 – 2/22/2011

2/16    Treated Rudi’s feet with Rescue cream again. I am continuously afraid that something might happen to another toe. This would be really bad.

2/17   Jimi still has his big tumor – I treated  it with holy ashes today.

2/18   Emma laid her first egg #62

2/19   Since this morning Pete has disappeared.

2/20   Pete is gone and I am sure he has gone over the rainbow. I am extremely sad and crying a lot because I loved him so much. He was such a personality. Our balcony family will never be the same again. There are so many memories and when I think about all these little stories I am getting even more sad.

I found something very strange in Emma’s poop today – it looked like a little red bean and I took it into a piece of paper. It was relatively soft, I tore it apart and the inside also looked like a bean but it definitely wasn’t a bean. My suspicion is that this was the second egg and Emma triggered something like an abortion because she knew that Pete was gone – could this be?

I forgot to photograph this ominous thing but then I was still too shocked about Pete’s disappearance.

2/21   I am worried about Emma and how she is going to cope with this.

2/22   I hardly can believe it – Emma is interested in Rudi and exchanges kisses with him! Now we really have problem – or not?

Pete – the beautiful:



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