Pigeon Tales

July 11, 2011

Bathing time in February!

From the

Diary as of  2/1 – 2/15/2011

2/1   Nothing really special happening.

2/3   I gave them a bath again, first Rudi received his princely bath inside of course so he could enjoy it all alone.

Then I took the bath tub outside on the balcony and they all jumped into the water. Pete was the first and other than usual fighting for it he was simply overrun by the whole gang. At the end some 8 or 9 pijjies were sitting in the bathtub again. I even had to change the water because it became so dirty from all the little piggies (from pig not pigeon). Later on Pina received her sole princess bath which she highly enjoyed with princesslike behaviour i.e. splashing allover.

2/4   Pina left her plaster eggs and is in courtship mode with Rudi anew which means they are couch potatoes again. In the meanwhile I think that this does make sense because when they stay inside they have less stress than outside where Pina is chased all the time by all the males and Rudi has to fight them off all the time. Hormones !!!!!!

2/5   Our loving couple is coupling again and changing from nest to nest (they have 3) for their love talks…

2/6   Nothing special besides that the weather has become significant warmer and nicer and the pijjies go crazy.

2/9   Weather is cold again and the pijjies eat like little piggies.

2/10  Pina laid first egg#28 in the nest on the closet.

2/11   Emma left her eggs (un-fertilized again)for good. Her breeding cycle is over for now.

2/12   Pina laid her second egg#29

2/15   Again nothing special happening.



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