Pigeon Tales

June 24, 2011

An Update on the Canker Outbreak

From the

Diary as of  1/23 – 1/31/2011

1/23   Jimi still has that huge lump under his left wing….

1/24   All are getting better but I am still giving Spartrix…

1/26   Now here is an update on everybody:

Pina did not vomit today any more – she is in good mood cheers

Rudi – has been treated – no symptoms

Winnie – vomitted several times this morning but stopped after miday – slightly lighter mouth

Charly – has been treated – no symptoms besides still a reddish mouth

Jimi – has been treated – absolutely no symptoms at all

Pete – vomited a bit today – treated as well although he had not even a reddish mouth

Emma – treated – no symptoms besides a bit reddish mouth

All of them don’t have bad odours, nor bad poops, nor lumps. This is soooo tricky! Seeing red/mad So I really hope that I have caught this before it’s getting bad.

Looking for signs of the others on the balcony – none so far. Please pray that this is it!!!
I don’t want another bunch of sick pigeons – had enough!!! Fingers crossed

No canker signs any more – I am so relieved that I caught this outbreak on time. No more sick pigeons!!!!

1/31  nothing special really happening. I have a close eye on everybody whether there isany sign of canker again but thank heaven there is nothing.


Here a couple of pics of Rudi and Pina’s tête-à-tête on oneof their favourite places near the big window on the shelf:



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