Pigeon Tales

June 22, 2011

Bad Weather and an Outbreak of Canker

From the

Diary as of  1/13 – 1/22/2011

1/13   This morning I checked Pina’s cut toe and only bathed her foot in warm water because some feather parts and a little poop were sticking to the wound. It came off quite easily and the wound was neither imflammated nor the toe swollen. So everything seemed to be okay. What a relief!!!!!

Pina laid egg #26. She is like a clock – every 28 days she is laying. I wished she would give her body more peace! But apparently nothing can stop her.

1/14  Nothing special – the weather is awful.

1/15   Pina laid egg #27.

1/16   Nothing special – the weather is still awful and this will have consequences…

1/19   Emma laid egg# 60

Pina helping with computer work or rather not…

1/21   It is extremely cold again. They had so much hunger today and I had to open the door often. Pina was in a bad mood today – probably because of the weather. She started to empty the sandbox first then tossed all foodie pots she could reach. The seed was lying all over the living room – naughty girl!!!!

Emma has laid egg #61

1/22   As I feared: we have an outbreak of canker. We hade this terrible weather change from nearly springlike temperatures to far below zero again with snow and everything and the poor pigeons have to pay for it again:

Today I saw Winnie vomitting a bit on the balcony so I checked her when she came in for feeding. This is the great blessing again when your ferals are trained to come in for food – so I can check them out quite easily. When I looked into Winnie’s mouth there was a perfideous leasion at the side of her mouth – no yellow deposits though to be seen – which was additionally quite red – so I treated her immediately with Spartrix. Then I waited for Charly – her new mate – to come in and checked him also. He had no lesions but his mouth was a bit too red also – so I gave him a pill as well.

And of course this was not enough – Pina started to vomit this afternoon – so she was treated as well. I have watched her these days eating a lot of grit and already thought that this is a bit strange. As I could not see anything worrying in her mouth yet I thought it should be okay but as she started to vomit today – that was it. I assume that Pina tried to clean her crop with the grit or her intestines – I don’t know. She has not bad odour, her poops are perfect and she has a good appetite. I also weighed her this morning and she has a good 368 gr which is perfect for her as well. So I think I just caught her on time before the canker gets more of her…

Rudi will get a pill tonight as well – just in case. I am not fiddling around when it comes to canker. A terrible desease!!!! Seeing red/mad




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