Pigeon Tales

June 4, 2011

Rudi lost his Toe and Pina cut hers

From the

Diary as of  12/26/10  – 1/12/11

12/26   Rudi is confined to stay inside – I cannot let him fly with his bandage. I am still treating his foot with DMSO. But the thing looks somehow dead already. I really don’t know what to do.

12/27  Rudi continuously tears at the bandage on his foot again and tries to remove it with his beak, tearing and pulling nearly the whole day – so I decided to remove everything and let him out again. The toe was really dark in the meanwhile and was starting to dry up. So I thought it would fall off eventually. The rest of the foot looked quite okay.

In the early afternoon he came back, apparently in very good mood, chasing Charly around and then he climbed over the feet of my chair, somehow stumbled – I heard a tiny cracking sound and then I realized that there was something lying under my desk:
you probably can guess my horror – it was his toe.

After this initial shock I realized that Rudi apparently was glad to be free of this unnaturally swollen thing and he started to walk normally again. There was no bleeding and the next day I saw that the wound was already closed and healing. It was also interesting to see how tiny and thin the actual bone was and how gross the swollen flesh around it. No wonder that it broke!!!

12/29   In the meanwhile Rudi can walk and climb much better than before and I can say that this accident ended in a happy ending. I have also realized that he has apparently more feeling in his remaining toes – maybe the nerves are now regenerating.

1/2   Rudi is running along the balustrade as he never did before, dancing and courting with any female he can get access to including his mother-in-law (Winnie) and his gandma-in-law (Emily) but Pina is still his real mate of course. Rudi is in great shape with his 7 toes .
Now he has entirely stopped to get stuck with his toes and I need not be afraid any more that something bad happens to him outside where I cannot help him. Fingers crossed

1/5    I am still checking Rudi’s foot each day but it looks good. He does not limp any more and he can walk very well. Also it seems as if he can climb better now. Apparently there is more feeling and sensitivity in his toes now after the wound has healed completely.

1/6  Pina is still sitting on the eggs although it should be over since Sunday. But I am glad if she keeps sitting on it. She loved to play today again the sweet little one. It appeared to me that she was a bit sad today – maybe the weather….

1/12   Today Pina injured one of her toes badly. There was a deep cut on top of the middle toe of her left foot. At first I even thought that it was broken and I tried to bandage this toe. But she started pecking at it so badly that I feared that she would hurt herself even more so I took the bandage off again and only put some DMSO on the toe to limit the pain for her.

After an hour I realized that the cut was already closed and she seemed to completely ignore her injured toe.  It was definitely not broken! What a pigeon girl!



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