Pigeon Tales

May 30, 2011

It is Christmas time and Rudi has injured his foot again!

From the

Diary as of  12/15  – 12/25/2010

12/15   We have so much snow and there is more to come they say. I hate it and the poor pijjies too. It is so very difficult for them to find something to eat – so they are staying on our balcony for most of the time in expection to get soemthing. And I cannot leave them starving of course.

And when they come in it looks like this – simply the normal chaos:

Snowy with her new friend Sooty! What a pair – black and white!!!

Pina and Rudi continue to play the couch potatoes – but at least they went out once to fly a couple of rounds  – their wedding flight again. It looks so beautiful when they do this. So close together, doing the same movements at the same time – there is hardly a piece of paper fitting between them and still they do not touch each other.

12/15   Pina has laid her first egg again – #24

12/16   Outside the pijjies look like this – Snowy looking like a cotton wool ball:

12/17   It is still snowing like crazy. Pina was very brave today – she flew depite the heavy snowing. Rudi as well.

Started to treat Rudi’s feet with DMSO again. The toe on his bad left foot is quite swollen again. I have also realized that the deep cuts are starting to close. Maybe this is the reason why his toes is thick again – due to new tissues growing? Or rather a new infection?

12/18   Pina laid her second egg #25

It is very cold and we have a lot of snow. The pijjies are very hungry and I feed them by letting them in in little groups. I have to change the drinking water every 2 hours because it gets frozen.

12/19   Emma laid egg#58

12/20      Today Paulchen and Pauline (apparently a new one)  appeared on the balcony – new love:

12/21   Emma laid egg# 59

12/23   Whenever there is some sunshine the pijjies know how to digest it:

This is Mr. Neighbour (the one who lost his tail) enjoying the sun too:

and our Pete of course, taking a little nap:

and Lucky and Patchy having their share:

12/24   It is Xmas eve and you won’t believe what happened:

Rudi got stuck in the carpet and tore his swollen toe badly – it was bleeding heavily and I thought it was broken. So I had to bandage his complete foot again and treated him with painkiller, holy ashes etc. I think he had quite a lot of pain – I was so sad. And  it looked as if he would lose this toe.

12/25   When I checked his bandaging this morning I realized that the nail of his little toe was pressing on the swollen one so I had to bandage his toes separately. I also realized that the swollen toe which was probably broken was turning dark. I was sure now that he was going to lose this one but I did not know whether and what I could do to help. The thought of amputating the toe with a sharp knife came into my mind but his thought was the pure horror for me.

At least it seemed that the pain had stopped because Rudi was not limping any more. Maybe the dreadful toe would fall off eventually all by itself. That was my hope.



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  1. What an incredible set of pictures, thank you for sharing.

    Comment by Jeff — July 4, 2011 @ 2:37 pm | Reply

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