Pigeon Tales

May 29, 2011

Pina is in a bad Mood and Mr. Neighbour lost his Tail

From the

Diary as of  12/1  – 12/14/2010

12/1  It is heavily snowing and while Rudi stayed outside for quite some time Pina did not like this weather at all and was quickly in again – in a very bad mood. Started to throw all her seeds out of the pots and then started to mess up the freshly made sand box also….

Treated Rudi’s feet with DMSO again.

12/2   Today Rudi went out again – came back after nearly 2 hours – not bad for this cold weather.

12/3   I think Rudi’s feet have improved again a little bit. The middle toe on his bad left foot seems to be not as stiff as before any more.

12/5   Nothing special – everybody comes in for breakfast. Emily came for feeding at least 5 times. She is always playing the kolibri or scratches at the door. Very sweet. And lazy! But why should she not grab what’s offered to her???? Clever girl!

12/7   Rudi was out for 2 hours today. The weather was mild and quite sunny – he apparently enjoyed being outside very much. Later on Pina enjoyed being outside also.

12/8   Weather is still quite mild. The pijjies do not eat so much as during the last days.

I am so happy because Winnie and Charly really seem to be a couple now and it seems as if Winnie is really in love with Charly because she always tries to kiss him and is near him. What a cute pair. Today they sat together in the food box, Winnie groomed Charly’s head and he growled all the time in contentment.

Today I saw Mr. Neighbour – he has lost all his tail feathers. This looked quite strange because he is quite a large bird but now he seemed to be very short because of his missing tail. How on earth can he properly navigate now?

You see – his tail feathers were entirely gone! Must have been an attack by a dog or cat? Thank heaven he did not show any injuries. The poor little chap!!!

12/11   Today Emma left her plaster eggs and spend the night with Pete on the cardboard box on the left side of our balcony, huddled closely together. Although Pete is betraying her all the time he would never leave Emma. Today I saw him kissing with Snowy – tztztztz

12/12    Today Pina left  her plaster eggs and tonight she is sleeping in her box again side by side with Rudi on the sofa.

12/14   Nothing special to report…


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