Pigeon Tales

May 9, 2011

Emma and Pete and Pina and Rudi

From the

Diary as of  11/8  – 11/30/10

11/8    There is really nothing special happening this week. Everything is normal.

11/11   Too funny: when we came home today from shopping we found Pina balancing on the big pink training ball and looking at us as if she wanted to say ” hey – are you finally back again???”

11/12   Pete and Emma are still in loving mode. They sleep together on one of the stools on the balcony.  They are so sweet together – cuddling an kissing each other all the time.

11/13   Removed the plaster eggs from Pina’s nest and made it fresh again. So much dust from their moulting in there. This definitely had to be removed – otherwise they will be sneezing all the time while sitting on the new eggs. Rudi and Pina are so in love mode again. They are very sweet.

The weather is unusually mild for November – so I put out the bath tub again. And as usual it was funny to watch how Pete expected to have the bath for him alone….

11/17   Emily laid a new egg #56 (unfertilized again as it came out later)

11/18   Pina laid new egg #22

11/19   Emily laid her second egg #57

11/20  Pina laid her second egg #23

11/25   I exchanged Emma’s eggs – they are again not fertilized. What does this mean?

11/26   Pina’s eggs have been replaced as well. Hers are fertile – seeing the veins… I am always feeling quite bad when I put them away. But it has to be done.

11/27   Today was a wonderful sunny day and Rudi stayed out until half past 2 o’clock. I was a tiny bit worried but later on I knew why this happened – the next day was awful weather – snowing!

11/28   Today  it started to snow heavily. All the pijjies were on the balcony and could not fly….

11/29   The weather is awful – snowing all day long. Pina went out into the snow for the first time. She was quite irritated about the cold white stuff on her feet – it looked quite funny.

Rudi reacted quite cool to the snow but he did not fly but rather stayed on the balustrade and on the floor of the balcony. At least they both had their fresh air…

11/30   Today was a sunny day and Rudi enjoed the sunshine.

Started to treat Rudi’s feet again with DMSO because I hope that this will help to make his toes less stiff. Here are some photos how they look like at the moment…

What worries me a bit is one of the toes which is quite swollen although the colour looks healthy. We will see what happens…



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  1. what happen finally?? did the DIMETILSULFOXIDO D.M.S.O work? i hope so…your web is fantastic. congratulations.
    Regards from Spain

    Comment by barbara — November 25, 2011 @ 12:58 pm | Reply

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