Pigeon Tales

April 26, 2011

Rudi’s new Treatment and Charly has become Winnie’s Mate after all

From the

Diary as of  10/28  – 11/7/10

10/28   Started to treat Rudi’s feet with DMSO (Di-methylsulfoxid) which is supposed to help his stiff toes. It’s a chemical that is used with horses after suffering from injuries of their joints. I don’t know whether this will help Rudi’s feet which are continuing to heal but one toe of his good left foot is stiff and three toes of his bad right foot are stiff at the moment. This will cause him severe problems balancing on narrow borders.

10/29   Treated Rudi’s feet. Despite he does not really like to be handled Rudi is behaving really like a very good patient. He is very calm and patient. He knows quite well what I am doing and I adore his trust in me. What a sweet pigeon boy!

10/30   Treated Rudi’s feet again. I have noticed that after the treatment the blood circulation seems to improve radically which is good.

10/31   Gave a pause to treatment

11/1    Winnie definitely has become Charlie’s mate after all. I cannot tell you how happy I am about this. Winnie has been alone for so long after Willy had disappeared. And Charly is so beautiful, strong and bossy – LOL. They have been mating in front of my eyes and each day they appear together and are kissing and cuddling all the time.

…and Rudi cannot stand this at all!!!!

Rudi had another treatment – day4

11/2   Treatment pause for Rudi.

11/3   Because the weather was quite nice I gave them all a bath outside on the balcony. Especially Pete was so pleased that he did not want ot leave the water – lying in the bath for at least half an hour. Also Rudi enjoyed it tremendously!

Treated Rudi’s feet again. A huge chunk of dry pus came off from one of his toes and even left a little hole which will be closed soon. I could see the new tissue though – which is very good.

11/7   Nothing special these days besides that all of our pijjies enjoyed the rather mild and sunny November weather which is quite unusual.


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