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April 18, 2011

Pina and Rudi become Couch Potatoes

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From the

Diary as of  10/16  – 10/27/10

10/16 I afraid that I was excited about Winnie having a new partner much too early. The “love” between her and Charly apparently was only a flash in the pan. Apparently she has realized that Charly is much too young still – he is cooing like an adult but probably cannot serve the requirements yet. But wait until he is a bit older then….

10/17 Pina and Rudi refuse to fly outside – they have become real couch potatoes. Although I let the door open several times a day they rather stay inside and are cuddling with each other. Oh my…

Rudi’s diarrhea has disappeared completely. This morning I found his box full of feathers. Apparently it was his heavy moult that caused the loose poops.

I have never seen so many feathers coming loose in one night!

10/18 Pina and Rudi still playing couch potatoes. I mean I can understand both – the weather is just not for going outside – it is dark grey, rainy, cold, uncomfortable – so exchanging this with a cosy box, tons of food and warmth? Neeeeeee

Much leass feathers in his box – Rudi apparently is doing his moulting in one day or two. Very funny and very economical.

10/19 Emma laid egg# 54.

Finally Pina decided to take the turn – she flew outside for half an hour. That was it.

10/20 Wonder o wonder – Rudi decided to take a short trip outside – for 10 minutes – together with Pina…

10/21 Pina laid egg# 20 and Emma laid egg# 55

Now regular life is returning – while one partner is egg sitting the other is flying outside and taking some fresh air. Heaven – they already started to become smelly – LOLno – that’s a joke!

10/23 Pina laid egg# 21

10/24 Everyone seems to be in good shape despite the weather. I was afraid to see some sick pigeons again but none. I am very happy about this. I am sure that the vinegar water I supply them with does its part to keep them healthy. Interestingly enough they all come to the balcony to drink here instead of from the many puddles outside. They would have enough water supplies outside everywhere but they prefer to drink “vinegar soup”.

Especially Jimi loves his soup. After he has been inside for taking his breakfast he extra waits for me to bring warm vinegar soup. It’s so sweet to watch him how he drinks from the pot with great pleasure.

10/27 Nothing special happened – just everybody being happy….


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