Pigeon Tales

March 28, 2011

Rudi has Diarrhea and Winnie a new Lover: Charly

From the

Diary as of  10/1  – 10/15/10

10/1 While we were away for a couple of hours Rudi was outside and waiting for us when we came home. Apparently he was feeling quite cold because he was awfully trembling. But when he was inside and ate something he quickly recovered and was happy and content afterwards.

10/2 Pina had quite some fun today and Rudi was out the whole morning. Nothing special happening…

Every day the typical feeding ritual:

10/8 Rudi is going to bed all on his own: each day at around the same time depending on the light he jumps down from his favourite perch on the board at the window and walks straight into his box, looks at me as if he wants to ask me when I am going to close the cover and then usually takes a little snack and a drink and goes to sleep. Isn’t this cute? All our pijjies behave like trained poudles – that’s why we call them “poudles” – not pijjies. So it is Pina poudle, Rudi poudle and so on… LOL. We really have a crazy bunch of birds and I would not know what to do without them. They bring so much sunshine into our hearts….

10/10 Today is Sunday and normally Pina’s round of egg sitting would be finished but she is still sitting on her eggs on the closet. I am glad about this because it gives her body some rest.

10/11 Rudi has diarrhea. His poops have become quite wet during the night and he started to drink quite much. But I am waiting whether this is going away by itself – no medication yet. He is a strong pigeon despite his feet otherwise he would not have survived for so long.

10/12 Emma and Pete are courting again and fully in love. It is so sweet to watch them how they exchange kisses and groom each other with great care. And although Pete is not very faithful towards Emma and betrays her where and whenever he can, he always returns to her and never really leaves her. What a couple!

10/13 Rudi’s poops are really wet now i.e. his box really became quite drenched during the night. But as long as he still eats well I am not giving him any medicine.

10/14 Rudi’s poops look a tiny bit better. I think that the cause for his diarrhea is the weather. Pigeons are really very dependant on weather conditions, some more some less. Pete f.e. develops really bad poop as soon as the weather is getting cold and wet.

10/15 Rudi’s poops have improved and the colour has changed back to rather normal. Also the “whites” are back so he definitely does not have any kidney problems. I am confident that this is  further improving without my intervention.

Yippee!!!!! Winnie has found a partner after 11 months!! since Willy had become sick: Charly. He is still very young – just 4 1/2 months but he is definitely precocious and in hormonal stress already since a few weeks. Now this seems to be resolved. I saw them both grooming each other lovingly and kissing. I am so glad for Winnie and she seems to be happy now. Charly is a beautifuly strong and tall bird – a bit young though but will be a nice partner for Winnie and so similar to Willy regarding behaviour. I really hope that they stay together. I want so very much that Winnie becomes a happy little pijjie again.

Oh – did I tell you that Charly is Pete’s last son? Yes – he is and a very unusual bird! Here are some photos:



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