Pigeon Tales

March 13, 2011

Rudi builds a Nest and Pina lays new Eggs

From the

Diary as of  9/20  – 9/30/10

9/20 Rudi has started to collect “nest material”. I realized that he was pulling at a piece of nylon string that was bound to a clamp on my bookshelf quite heavily and I finally understood – LOL. He was trying to find some nest material. So I put a basket full of straw on the floor and he immediately started to bring them to Pina who commented each present with her sweet grumping voice. I could have listened for the whole day!

9/21 Rudi again was working like crazy on their nest in the cardboard box on the closet again after I filled the basket with straw pieces again. Up the closet and down again, up again and down again…

Later on I let them fly together outside – Rudi and Pina. Pina came back home quickly and went straight away into her box on the closet.  Rudi was so excited – he first did not dare to fly out of the balcony door but then suddenly he was off. On the opposite building he immediately started to coo at everything that was wearing feathers. Apparently he was over-happy with his new freedom. After an hour or so he came back and went straight away to Pina to their nest!

9/22 Same as the day before. And when they have taken a bath together they dry together like this and are “talking” to each other (unfortunately my micro on the camera is not good enough to really repeat those sweet little noises):

9/23 Wow – this happened quickly: Pina laid egg #18, this time definitely fertilized by Rudi and not by someone else!

9/24 Pina and Rudi, they are behaving already like a an old couple, exchanging their duty time, flying around, coming back again.

9/25 Pina laid egg #19 – like a clock.

9/30 Things could not be better:  Pina and Rudi are a very happy couple. And I am the happiest of all.

I am still treating Rudi’s feet, bathing them and then massaging his toes. It wills till take quite some time until this problem is gone.

The lovers on the bookshelf:



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