Pigeon Tales

March 1, 2011

Rudi becomes Pina’s Lover!

From the

Diary as of  9/1  – 9/19/10

9/1 I have to tell you something really sweet:

I am very happy to report that Pina has fully recovered and conquered her sickness. All I did was feeding her baby cereal with applesauce in order to give her more calories 3 times a day – because she had lost quite some weight – and an easy digesting, 20 ml each meal, added pro-biotic joghurt and gave her bene-bac regularly for 2 weeks, a pro-biotic gel that is supposed to repair the gut flora. Also she received calcivet, a highly concentrated calcium solution, one drop for four days and then a pause for a couple of days. I repeated this cycle for a few times. In between I let her eat seeds when she wanted to. Her poops started to firm up.

Regular weighing proved that she put on weight again and also I could feel more flesh on her body again. So I started to let her outside again – she loved it very much and enjoyed her new life again although Paulchen was hijacked by Winnie – so no partnership any more between Pina and Paulchen. Oh my…

On the 8th of August Pina started to lay eggs again and I already thought that the whole misery would start all over again – as the last time when Pina was laying eggs – but it did not. On the contrary Pina started to breed and behave like a real little mother in spe although she had no partner. Her nest was/is beneath my working table in my studio/livingroom! So most of the time she was – and still is! – sitting on her plaster eggs. It was very funny to see her taking a tiny little break from time to time, hastily taking a little snack and a drink, stretching her legs and her wings and then she was and still is running back to her nest with her typical quick little steps. She is so incredibly sweet. I love it/them I love it/them

Did I tell you that Pina fell in love with Rudi – our string injury? Well – she still is and while Rudi was slowly improving but still enclosed in his box because I feared that he would hurt his feet again when I let him free in the appartment too soon – Pina was often sitting at his side outside the box and they “talked” to each other.

Since a week now I let Rudi free in the appartment (will be another story) and you should have seen this when I opened his box for the first time and let Pina and Rudi together. I told you about this already but cannot help to repeat it – she immediately jumped into his box and lunged at him, immediately started to groom him like crazy and he was totally in ecstasy. What a view – and I totally forgot about the camera. Stupid me. Oh no

Yesterday I was very busy and suddenly missed Rudi. I could not find him in the appartment which is really not big but full of stuff – there are lot of potential hiding places. I knew that Pina was outside and thought that she might have left egg sitting finally. I also knew that Rudi could not have escaped – so I suddenly had the idea to look into Pina’s nest. There he was, sitting on Pina’s eggs although he had not even really mated with her. So Pina finally could fly outside a bit and have her free time. What do you say about this? Isn’t this incredible? I never stop being amazed by these birds. They already behave like an old couple – so natural as if they had never done anything else and these eggs are not even “his”! It will be exciting how this story continues. I really hope that Pina has found her partner now – Rudi is a very sweet and attentive cock.

Btw – Pina does not need to be fed any more. She has a very good appetite since she is flying free again and her whole digestive tract seems to have healed completely. You cannot imagine how happy I am about this after she had been so sick for nearly one year and has been through so many bad things. She has become strong and healthy and she remains to be the most amazing pigeon girl I have ever met. Although she has Rudi now she still continues to play with me the feather game and is a close as ever. I love her very much…

9/9 It’s weighing day:

Rudi has 340 gr, which I find is still a bit low but on the other hand he does not do much. This will probably change as soon he is flying free again and builds up his muscles. Then he will also have more appetite.

Pina is on 363 gr (her poop alone weighed 16 gr – so I subtracted it!). Yes – you have read correctly. I HAD to weigh her poop to know her exact weight. Her poops are so gross (although healthy)  that I just could not ignore it!

Here are some photos from Rudi:

9/13 Pina layed egg #16

9/15 Pina layed egg#17 a perfect little egg which I took out of the nest immediately as the 2 plaster eggs are still in there.

9/16 Rudi mated with Pina for the first time!!!!!!!!! I was amazed how good he was with his sick feet.

9/17 Rudi and Pina are mating the whole day. In between they either sit in Pina’s box on the closet or Pina or Rudi are sitting on the eggs. Both have the complete stress. But they are sooooo in love and it is so sweet to watch them. Both seem to be very happy now!

9/18 Rudi and Pina are making constantly love. Rudi is now getting very jealous whenever one of the other pijjies is coming in for feeding. His box is HIS!!!! Pina has left her eggs already – I think she wants to have some with Rudi now!!!!

9/19 They are sitting in the carboard box again – the whole day!!!!! What shall that be??? I made the nest new – so they can do what they want now….

This morning Pina and Rudi did a lot of helicoptering in the living room so I decided to let them out together. With mixed feelings because I realized that Rudi apparently feels some pain again in his bad foot (the one where the back toe is brobably broken and bend forward). Both were very hesitant – but then Pina flew on the balustrade and Rudi after her. Finally Pina left and flew away but Rudi came inside again – he was a bit irritated by the other pijjies on the balcony and prefered to go back into his safe home. Never mind. In the end I was relieved.

Later Pina came back again and since then they were cuddling in their box on the closet again and grunting all the time and doing pillow talking.

As it is quite nice weather today I gave them a bath again – they actually had their first bath together and were splashing about like crazy and put half of my living room under water. Thank heaven I have enough towels to avoid the worst. Now they are so incredibly content!!!

later more…




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