Pigeon Tales

February 14, 2011

Rudi can walk again

From the

Diary as of  8/12 – 8/31/10

8/12 I am still bathing Rudi’s feet every morning because they are caked in poop. This does not help the healing. So I have to do the extra work for him. But he seems to be in a good mood, is preening regularly and tries to stand on his feet.

8/13 Emma lays egg #53

Rudi is more often standing on his feet now. His former good one which was newly inflammated looks a bit better now – still quite swollen though and I still do not know whether he will lose some of his toes. It takes time.

Winnie looks a bit sad today – she is often on the balcony – I don’t know whether she is still together with Paulchen – I haven’t seen him.

Pina is still sitting on her plaster eggs the whole day with some small pauses in between where she runs from her nest to get something to eat and to drink. Then she quickly runs back to her nest. Soooooooooooooooo sweet.  And in her usual hasty modes. I love her so much. She is doing very well I think.

Sneeky is becoming a real pain in the a.. – she is always hungry and a nerve – not really but I had to say this.

My mom’s birthday: she would have been 83 today! What a sad day. How she would have loved to hear all these pijjie stories…

8/21 As usual – Jimi and Winnie are coming often to get their snacks and meet their friends on the balcony.

8/22 Rudi is on the balcony (in his hospital box of course) for the whole day and he enjoys the sun and fresh air very much.

Pina often jumps from her nest and visits Rudi outside. Her interest for him is growing. Her egg duty should be over in a couple of days. When Rudi’s box is inside she would often sit aside his box and talk to him in a very low voice. Very sweet.

8/23 After Rudi was on the balcony for the whole morning again I decided that Rudi should be allowed to leave his box for the first time in the afternoon – i.e. I opened the cover and Pina jumped so quickly into Rudi’s box that I could not react any more. You would not believe how they greeted each other. Pina immediately started to groom him heavily and he could hardly believe his luck. Both were so incredibly happy.

Since a few days Rudi is walking on his feet – not hopping – walking – and the swelling has come down considerably so I thought I can let him out of the box so that he could train his wing muscles better and he has a better possibility to walk.

And here is a little video I made a little while ago to show how good he could walk again although in between I had to remove his ring again because his “good” foot was inflammated again and swollen and the ring became a bit narrow so I took it off until the foot looked okay again.

8/24 Pina has further increased her weight:  she is now on 355 gr which is really good for her immune system – there’s some substance on her body now.

8/28 On the balcony nothing special – all are getting their breakfast, flying around being happy. Jimmy and Winnie continue to appear regularly several times a day.

8/31 Weighing day for Pina:  375 gr now which seems to be quite high – but apparently she has not pooped yet…need to know how much those abominable stinky heaps can weigh….



  1. Hello, Petra! The Rudi´s story is so nice and touching! I had to laugh when wathing the videos with him and Pina, especially when they were on the balcony for the first time and Pina was chasing him a bit and trying to give him a kiss 😀
    But all the pigeons are cuddlesome, I like them much:-)


    PS How is the result of the competition? I voted for your painting too;-)

    Comment by Lena — February 22, 2011 @ 6:53 am | Reply

  2. Hi,
    I like your site. Your pigeons are beautiful.
    We have reused pigeons as well. Do you have facebook ?
    We present our rescued pigeons on our facebook sides.
    Please join us 🙂

    Maciek from London

    Comment by Maciej — May 3, 2011 @ 2:46 am | Reply

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