Pigeon Tales

February 7, 2011

Rudi is nearly bleeding to Death and Pina gains Weight

From the

Diary as of  7/27 – 8/11/2010

7/27 Rudi received his first chamomille bath – apparently he liked it.  I took a large salad bowl and filled it half with warm chamomille tea. He really “swam” in the tea-bath. After the bath I bandaged his feet again with the usual treatment before.

From now on Rudi’s feet were treated each day as described in the last post and the swellings became better slowly. After 2 weeks I could take off the bandage on the “better” foot but left it on the second which looked still very bad. It went up and down. Sometimes he could stand on both feet and sometimes it would still hurt a lot so that he perched in his box most of the time. I had put some airbubble plastic layers inside beneath the kitchen paper so that he would have a soft floor and I also taped some batting on the side wall so that he could lean against it (I have added some pics below). The poor bird often used his wing to support himself.

Doesn’t he look cute with his bandaged feet? Astonishingly he could walk on them quite good. The bandages are simply made with cotton pads which have been wrapped around his toes and been fixed with band-aid.

Here are some more pics:

7/28 Pina back on 317 gr – yippee – but her poops still look awful.

7/29 I wanted to give Rudi another chamomille bath because the last time it went so perfectly and he really seemed to enjoy it but this time his left foot started bleeding terribly when I put him into the bath. Maybe the water was a bit too warm and the crust on the injury on his blood vein started to come off and therefore started to bleed. I was panicking when I saw all the blood flowing like from a well.

I took him out of the water  immediately and put some baking soda on his wound which stopped the bleeding. Then I applied Rescue drops and holy ash. Finally I took a cotton pad and wrapped it around his foot with a band-aid again. Apparently the bleeding did not worry Rudi as much as it did me. What a little rocket!!!

7/30 I think Rudi is a bit better – more vivid – I changed his bandage – there was no blood any more.

Winnie came only once today for feeding.

7/31 Winnie and Jimi are coming every day for feeding – at least twice. I don’t know where Alice is. She did not turn up again. Don’t know what happened.

Pina has gained a little more weight again:  326 gr – the infection seems to be over.

8/7 Today I removed Rudi’s bandaging completely. He was working on it like crazy so I thought that he might do more harm to his poor feet while pecking at the bandaging all the time than leaving it rather open.

8/8 Pina laid egg #14 – Her weight is 358 gr – but this is not representative due to her egg laying as I suppose there is still one coming.

8/10 Pina laid egg #15

8/11 Emma laid egg #52



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