Pigeon Tales

February 6, 2011

I finally caught Rudi – a Pigeon with a severe String Injury

From the

Diary as of  7/25  – 7/26/10

7/25 I finally caught Rudi – a new pigeon appearing on the balcony with a very severe string injury.

We got a new patient – a male with terrible string injuries. I have never seen in my life such bad injuries through human hair and some nylon thread. Not only that on both feet the hair and the threads cut very deep into the flesh of the poor pijjie, the feet were additionally bound together Shock

He must have had terrible pain because both feet were terribly swollen and looked rather like club feet than normal pijjie feet. It was a nightmare to watch this poor pijjie how he tried to move forward but could only hop on both his feet and then had to lie down again because he was so exhausted.
Luckily the pigeon flew on my balcony and I tried to lure him with food on the floor and he landed there eventually but unfortunately I missed twice to catch him with a piece of cloth. He was still too fast despite his injured feet. I was very much afraid now that he would not return again after I tried this in vain and I feverishly tried to find an idea how I would be able to catch this poor bird.

As you possibly remember I had some problems with a stupid neighbour some time ago because of the pijjies on my balcony so I decided to enclose part of it in a net in order to reduce the quantity of the traffic on my balcony.

Now this net proved to be good in a second way: to catch a pijjie. I was sure that the injured bird must have been awfully hungry and what could lure a bird more than sunflower hearts? He still was sitting on a neighbour’s balcony so I put a small heap of food on the balustrade in order to gain his trust a bit again and so that he could see it from afar. After a while he landed and ate the seeds.

I then opened the net a bit near to the place he had landed and put another little heap of food behind the net on the wooden board on the wall so that he was able to crawl through that hole to get to the food. Now I waited. And he did! I was calculating that when he saw me approaching he would be in a panic and would not find the hole immediately again – so there would be a chance to catch him. My calculation worked – I caught him easily and put him immediately into a cardboard box with some soft paper on the bottom, which I covered to make it dark and gave him an hour to calm down and get used to our voices before I started to examine him etc.

Unfortunately I forgot to make some fotos of the mess his poor feet were in – only after the treatment I finally remembered the camera. Here they are. Strangely I find the fotos do not look as bad as reality. It took us more than an hour to get rid of all the threads and hair. YUK

After we had managed to cut and pull out all the hair and threads – I even used a magnifying glass to make sure that everything came off – I cleaned his feet with some wet cotton wool. I then soaked cotton pads in arnica pain fluid and washed his feet with this solution. This does not only help to desinfect the injuries but also helps against the pain poor Rudi must have felt. Also the fluid helps to cool the inflammated areas – I could feel that his feet were terribly hot. Not feeling well

After a while holding his feet in the soaked pads I finally poured Bachflower Rescue drops over both feet and finally brushed some holy ashes from Sai Baba over all parts which were inflammated (these ashes contain a lot of minerals, draw out the infectious fluids and set off the healing process – I have used this many times on myself, on injured areas and especially on burnt or inflammated skin). I then took another cotton pad and some band-aid and made him a bandage on both feet so that he would not get any dirt or worse poop on his injured feet. It looked very funny when he had those bandaged feet and of course he had to get used to it first but then I realized that he apparently was feeling less pain with the bandaged feet. And he could walk a bit again. So this definitely helped a lot.

7/26 Today is weighing day for Pina again:  she is on 300 gr – so the little girl is improving!

Winnie is now coming every day for feeding. She eats like a piggy. I saw her together with Paulchen…..what does this mean? Is she stealing Pina’s friend???? Naughty naughty…


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