Pigeon Tales

January 22, 2011

Pina has a new Boyfriend who brings her home

From the

Diary as of  7/14  – 7/24/10

7/14 Today is extra weighing day for Pina:  322 gr – so she has increased her weight significantly within a few days after she’s been so sick. I am very happy about this!

7/15 Emily left her plaster eggs and is cuddling with Pete again.

7/16 Today I decided to leave the big box at the window (it was Jimi’s former hospital box) and put the food bowls inside instead. This way I avoid that seed tossing all the time. It took alittle while until our family members and the visitors understood what they had to do but they are all quite intelligent – they found the source for their breakfast! Yipppeeeeee!

Here are some pics from the feeding orgy:


7/17 This evening both of our pijjie girls decided to sleep in their boxes inside. The temperatures dropped dramatically and it started to rain in the afternoon. What clever girls – rather be inside in the warmth and have dry feet than absolute freedom and wet pants !!!!

While Winnie came in early Pina was very late – it was nearly dark and I already thought that she might have decided to stay outside. But then Paulchen brought her home, she came inside and he flew away again. Amazing!!!!! Can you believe that? This sounds so humanlike and is sooooo sweet!!!!

7/18 I still don’t like the consistency of Pina’s poops. Slowly it is getting a bit better. I think she might have coccidia overload but for now I don’t want to do anything yet. She must improve her immune system by herself otherwise she will not survive in the wild.

Today is weighing day again:

Winnie is on 343 gr which is a very good weight for her – since a few days I am not hand feeding her any more. So apparently she is eating enough by herself and with good appetite.

Pina had 319 gr which is still a bit low, but yesterday she did not eat very much so it is not too bad. But she could have a bit more.

7/21 Emma has laid egg #50.

7/22 It’s Pina’s birthday and she has a shitty day – poor little girl is sick again – vomiting, having diarrhea. She is going to lay eggs again – this is not really good for her because each time it puts her out of balance. But what can I do?

I decided to treat Pina with Bird Bene Bac over a longer period of time, a pro-biotic which is said to recover the gut flora. I think through the PMV sickness all her good bacteria have been killed – now it is time to do something about it.

Pina has laid an egg #13 – only one

This is currently Pina’s favourite place:

7/23 Emma laid egg #51

Pina received first dose Bene Bac

7/24 First night without vomiting for little Pina. Pina did not even gag on her breakfast. Poops have further firmed a little bit.

I gave her the 2nd dose Bene Bac. But when I weighed her today she was down on 295 gr – this is really not good. But I think I have to be patient for the Bene Bac probiotic to do its job…




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