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January 21, 2011

Winnie is freeeeeeeeee!!!

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From the

Diary as of  7/13/2010

Today we released Winnie into freedom!

Winnie was our last PMV patient and after 5 months of intensive care she is flying free again! What a joy!

This was the picture in the last few days, Winnie sitting on the handmade door screen and looking outside with such a longing that it was sad to watch:

After giving her breakfast in order to supply her with “aviation fuel” we opened the balcony door:

she hopped on the sill, stood there for a moment as if she could not believe it and then flew to the balustrade and trembled in excitement, greeted Pete, her daddy and then off she flew with a small group of our balcony flock. Short after that she was back again, to drink some water and was off again.

In the meanwhile she was in again and then out again, enjoying her new freedom and health. I cannot tell you how happy I was and still am:

Winnie was happily preening herself in the morning sun…

Btw – this is the doorscreen I made with old curtain lace so that I could leave the balcony door open but the birds could not escape. I build a wooden frame first and then stapled the lace on the frame – this way it could easily be taken out of the door and replaced again:

This is a very cheap solution if you need a window screen…




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