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December 17, 2010

Pina is very sick and loses weight

From the

Diary as of  7/5  – 7/11/10

7/5 My sweet little pigeon angel Pina is quite sick. It already started 2 days ago when she came in at 11°clock already instead of much later. You remember – I let her out since 2 weeks now after she had been hospitalized for 9 months!

Her poops had become quite mushy the last few days but I had hoped that this was only a small infection through her contacts with the other pijjies outside. The weather is awfully hot at the moment which is a great base for bacteria.

But it got worse. When I went to her box on Monday morning it looked awful: totally watery diarrhea with lots of dark green mucous like poop, she also had vomitted part of her supper. There were also little bloody pieces in the poop. When I checked her carefully I noticed that her abdomen was swollen and her vent looked somehow inflammated. So something was really wrong and giving her cinnamon tea was not enough. So I put her immediately on Baytril (dosage: 0.33 ml of 2.5 % solution for 330 gr bodyweight). Some time later I became suspicious and checked the 3 nests we have in the appartment – and voilà – there was an egg lying in Pina’s nest, totally smeared with blood. She must have laid this on sunday without me noticing it. But she was not interested in it.

So I slightly got into panic yesterday because my instinct said that she was probably having difficulties to lay the second egg. So during lunchtime I gave her a warm bath, very softly stroking her abdomen for a couple of minutes, then I wrapped her up in a towel and put her back into the box for some rest. I also gave her only baby cereal with applesauce to eat so that she would not have additional difficulties to digest.

Later I let her out again and in the afternoon I realized that she had laid the second egg in another nest, with quite some blood on the egg again and on the paper stripes that are in the nest. This at least relieved me a bit, that the egg was out and that there was no direct life threatening danger any more. But my little angel was definitely still rather sick.

My suspicion is that due to egg laying time again her immune system got a little setback and the weather played an additional part in catching an infection.

This morning when I checked Pina’s box I realized that the poop had become slightly better – not so watery any more but there was still a little blood to be seen and she had vomited a tiny bit again but not as much as yesterday.
So far during today there was no blood in her poop any more but her behaviour says that she is still feeling quite bad. My poor little baby. I leave her in her box most of the time as she is quite listless anyway in comparision to her cheerful character otherwise.

While I continue to give her the Baytril in the morning I started to give her calcium in the evening with some additional vitamins. I will try with some peas during lunchtime and see wether she vomits them. What else could I do?

Here are the photos of tonight’s poop with some blood on the right:

7/6 Last night Pina vomited all of her supper again and she had cold feet in the morning. But on the other hand she seemed much more vivid than yesterday and then this happened: in a moment of inattention because I was so tired she escaped through the screen in the balcony door, which I had left open a bit too long.

Thank heaven she came back around 2 pm, having left me nearly with a heart attack. Now she seem to feel really better. We will see what happens tonight with her poop.

In order to do something against her vomiting I tried to find the Pepto Bismol that was recommended to me but this is not available in Germany, also not the agent under a different name. In the pharmacy they told me that this agent is obsolete in Germany for a long time.

Now my idea is that there must be some homeopathic remedy for this. There is a remedy I am using when I feel nauseous – called Gastricumeel from the HEEL company. The ingredients are:

Argentum nitricum
Acidum Arsenicosum
Pulsatilla Pratensis
Nux Vomica
Carbo vegetabilis
Stibium sulfuratum nigrum

I will start to give this to Pina in small doses and see what happens.

7/7 no blood in her poop any more!!! But she vomits still during the night and I think maybe the reason was that she ate seeds in the late afternoon before I had given her the babycereal with applesauce.

I don’t think she will become dehydrated because I feed her about 20 ml applesauce in the morning, after 1 hour she gets her medicine with another bit of applesauce. Although she vomited a little bit after the medication – not much came out so I suppose she kept most of the baytril inside I watched her for an hour and then let her out because she was so desperate to wanting to fly. At 2 pm – she must have a watch inside – she came in again, drinking a good deal from the ACV water and I then fed her babycereal with applsauce and a good portion of pro-biotic joghurt. After that she did not vomit at all.

Tonight she will get another portion of the formula with joghurt and I will leave the Spartrix out. She’s had 2 pills – maybe this is the extra that is too much for her and makes her vomit in the night. We will see what happens.

Her whole behaviour tells me that she is feeling quite well and when I watch her outside she flies like a little devil. A pigeon that is really sick does not do this. Her mouth is clear, she does not produce any bad smells, not even her poop does smell – nothing.

I think it would be worse for her if I prison her up again – I know it would be very bad for her emotional state.

7/8 Regarding a potential toxity of the homeopathic remedy I am giving to Pina I found the following: all ingredients of the following list are remedies used for birds, so these are definitely not toxic. The ones marked with a * are part of my remedy combination (Gastricumeel):


So I will go ahead and give Pina 1/4 of a tablet twice for the night. We will see what happens.

7/9 I have good news: Pina has not vomited during the night!! Whether this was because I stopped giving her Spartrix too or whether this was the 1/4 tablet of Gastricumeel – I certainly do not know. Fact is that even as she had eaten some seeds in the late afternoon again – appetite is a good sign too – she got her baby cereal with applesauce and the remedy. She had a good night sleep, her poops have firmed up although not perfectly and she did not vomit.

This morning she received her formula again and after a waiting time I gave her the baytril and immediately afterwards a tiny amount of applesauce again to compensate the bad taste. After the medicine I gave her another 1/4 tablet of the Gastricumeel and she did not even gag once.

Later in the morning she had a splashing bath on the balcony and then took her time off.
My little darling is on the way of recovery!

7/10 Charly slept outside his nest for the first time – in his little sandnest under the Yucca. Apparently this was airier than the “stinky” nest…???

7/11 Pina received her last antibiotics potion. Now we have to take care of her digestion.

She’s lost quite a lot of weight: today only 303 gr. Winnie had a proper weight: 341 gr although I was only feeding her twice in the last 2 weeks.



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