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December 2, 2010

Charly is growing and Pina is out for the first time

From the

Diary as of  6/13  – 6/22/10

6/13 Today I had the chance to take Charly for a quick look into my hands because Emma was off the nest. He seems perfectly okay, is feisty and his eyes are open. Tomorrow I hope to make some pics.

Created a new trap –  Mr. Bossy is nerving! What to do about him????

6/14 Caught Mr. Bossy in the trap and let him in for a few hours. He was quite shocked and disappeared for a while. But this probably will not make him disappear – he will probably be back soon.

Charly is growing rapidly. He is such a sweetie and an incredible cool babay. He does not seem to be afraid of anything! I am sure he is a he – I do not know why I believe this – but I am sure.

On these photos Charly is 8 days old. Isn’t he a cutie?

6/15 The day was quite quiet. Mr. Bossy is on hold – at least he has disappeared for now. The trap has worked its part.

6/16 The peace did not last long – Mr. Bossy fully on our nerves again. He is a true arsehole. He is nerving us and the other pijjies. He is always in trouble with the others.

6/17 Busy with chasing Mr. Bossy.

Snowy and Patchy came in for the first time to eat from the food bowl. Even Emma and Pete are coming in now regularly. This is great and lets me hope it will be easier then to feed them during winter.

6/18 Charly is doing very well – looks so sweet in his nest. So very tiny becaue the nest is really big. But then he has a lot of space to move around. Here he is 12 days old. Who could not love this little adorable guy????

6/19 LET PINA OUT FOR THE 1. time – she was back after 5 minutes. She was on the balustrade, trembling all over with excitement and nervosity. So the first minutes seemed to be enough for her.

6/20 Weather was too ugly today to let Pina out again. I really don’t want her to become sick again.

Charly is doing so well. He’s snuggled up in his nest with the straw and is kept warm additionally by his parents Emma and Pete who are excellent parents and so attentive.

Woody is coming in as well for feeding. He is still very nervous. He often reminds me of Willy – not only his colours but also his behaviour….

6/21 Pina went out for the 2.time – this time she stayed outside for 1 and 1/2 hours, which nearly killed all my nerves. I was so anxious how she would manage. But she did bravely.

6/22 Today I let Pina out after breakfast and towards lunch time she was back again. So she’s getting used to it. This is marvellous and I am very much relieved.

Had Charly inside again, played a bit with him – he is so adorable  – he starts moving in the nest and has grown a lot.



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  1. What a cutie Charly is!! Such a sweetie 🙂
    Sorry to hear about Mr. Bossy. There’s always one pigeon that will be bossy and horrible to others. I’ve had to deal with a few (in aviaries) and have had to separate the bullies. I love pigeons but the mean bossy ones can sometimes be too much.

    Comment by Rev from Pigeons as Pets — December 2, 2010 @ 8:13 pm | Reply

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