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November 13, 2010

Mr.Bossy – the Nerve – is back and we have a new Baby

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From the

Diary as of  6/1  – 6/12/10

6/1 We decided to actually do something about Mr. Bossy and his mate Lilly. As they don’t give up on trying to build their next in the middle of our balcony we definitely have to take action. You know I love pigeons very much but this pair is is awful. Lilly is a sweet one but her mate, Mr. Bossy, cannt stay here. He is aggressive towards any other pigeon, tries to fight with Pete all the time and I cannot tolerate this behaviour because all other pigeons are getting in stress – especially Pete and Emma. I don’t want them to become sick under no circumstances. We’ve had enough sick pigeons. He even starts quarrelling during the night! Mr. Bossy and Lilly have to go.

This will probably not work but we have to try.

So I made a trap out of a cardboard box and caught Mr. Bossy and Lilly quite quickly. It was easy as they were looking for a place for their nest anyway. Check out this drawing if you once need it:We took the box with the 2 birds and drove about 10 km out of town! My hope was, that they would be shocked that much that they would be afraid to return. Also we looked for some nice place for them with a lot of fields, pigeons near by and houses. Many possibilities to find a new home with much more space for them.

6/2 We had our first quiet night since weeks!!!!! What a relief.

6/3 We had a second quiet night. I dare not hope….

6/4 We had a third quiet night. I can hardly believe this. No Mr. Bossy with his nervewracking voice!!!!

6/5 Mr. Bossy and Lilly are back!!!!!!! This is a nightmare! During the afternoon I suddenly heard a certain pigeon voice I would recognize among hundreds, I believe – the one of Mr. Bossy. So they are definitely back.

6/6 Snowy and Patchy are getting used to the balcony and our presence! They are not so anxious any more.

6/7 Emma’s first baby hatched: we called him Charly

I build a screen for the big balcony door so that we can leave the door open. The screen lets the air in but our sick pigeons cannot escape:

Winnie is feeling much better today. She is quite active and in between she often sits on her nest at the window and just likes to have her peace while Pina is flying around like crazy. She is as nervous as her daddy Willy was.

6/8 I put Pina and Winnie for 2 hours on the balcony in their boxes of course..

Jimi and Alice would take over Pina’s carboard box on the closet if I let them. I think they would love to build their nest there but that is impossible. Have to chase them out from time to time. Pina is very restless – she cries a lot.

6/9 Emma’s second baby still hasn’t hatched. I am worried – it might not be fertile. If it does not hatch during the night I think we will have only one baby and I will remove the egg before it’s getting bad.

While we were shopping today we left our ladies in their boxes on the balcony. Everything seemed to work well. It is better for them to be outside in the shadow than inside with this heat I think.

6/10 Emma and Pete will definitely have only one baby – I took the second egg out of the nest before it is starting to mold. I checked it against a lamp – it was not fertile.

6/11 I have seen Charlie for a second today again – the little guy is very vivid and it is very hot! I am not going to check on him further – don’t want to disturb him so early.

6/12 From what I can see  Charly is doing very well.  He is being fed regularly so I leave him alone with his parents. I am going to wait a few days until I will check him out. He is growing fast after he gets food for two now.

Sneeky is now regularly coming in to eat from the food bowl, as well as Fleckle, Flecky’s son! They all start to get used to being fed inside instead of on the balcony. I have better control this way.


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